Monday, February 16, 2015

Outlander Read-A-Long Discussion #2

Hey guys! Welcome to the Outlander read-along that we're going for the whole month of February! Anyone can participate any way they want. If you just want to read along and read our discussion posts, that's cool. If you want to post the discussions on your blog, go ahead, just make sure you link back to my blog! If you just want to comment, that's awesome too! This read-along is hosted here at The Reader's Antidote, at Nite Lite Book Reviews and at Books Unbound!

So I didn't get very much reading done this week. I had a midterm, and then of course there was Valentine's Day to get psyched for. But I feel like I can safely say which characters I like and dislike, which is what we're discussing this week!
  • Claire: I guess I wish she could just express herself more. Especially when it came to the wedding night. I know she was conflicted about her husband, which is why she wasn't all swooning over marrying Jamie, but the author could have said that. It just made me feel a bit disconnected from her situation.
  • Jamie: Well, what can I say? Jamie is chivalrous to the extreme at times, but he's also a very real character because he's not always thinking about if he's hurting people's feelings. In a way, it proves his immaturity. And we can't fault him for that. And, ugh, that accent!
  • Colum & Dougal: I feel really bad for Dougal , but I wasn't sure what his disability looked like until watching the show. It seems impossibly painful, but I feel like he's channeled all into being a good leader. Dougal is... a different story. I HATE how he uses Jamie's flogging scars to get already-poor people to give more money.
  • Frank and Black Jack Randall: I'm not really sure what to think of Claire's first husband. We don't get to see much of him. Black Jack Randall can seriously just suck it. He's completely dark to the core, and there's really no saving him. I wonder if it's supposed to be some sort of way to show us how Frank will end up being (like they showed in the TV show), or if he's just supposed to be the villain of the story.

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