Monday, February 9, 2015

outlander read-a-long discussion #1

Hey guys! Welcome to the Outlander read-along that we're going for the whole month of February! Anyone can participate any way they want. If you just want to read along and read our discussion posts, that's cool. If you want to post the discussions on your blog, go ahead, just make sure you link back to my blog! If you just want to comment, that's awesome too! This read-along is hosted here at The Reader's Antidote, at Nite Lite Book Reviews and at Books Unbound!

Today, we're going to discuss our initial thoughts of the book. Here we go!

We've plowed our way through the first week and I seriously can't stop reading! I kind of had a crazy weekend because I went up to Santa Barbara for one of my best friend's birthdays. This meant that I didn't quite meet the amount of chapters I was supposed to, but I'm less that 50 pages off, so I don't feel so bad. The other thing that kept me from reading was actually watching the entire first season in a two-day span. I know, bad Nicole! But I couldn't help it! I wanted to visualize what was going on in the story, and the whole reason for me reading Outlander was for the show, so I just got caught up in it. I mean, I already knew that Jamie and Claire got married, so I wasn't thrown by the but... goodness.

Anyway, this is not about the show; it's about the book. And oh what a book it is! I love how it's never set in contemporary society, so it's like it's a historical novel within a historical novel. I actually felt like it not only made Claire's character more believable, but also gave good reason as to why she'd survive so well in a foreign, war-torn land since she'd been in the bloodiest war the world had ever seen.

I guess one of the things I wish I could've seen more was how she was acclimating to the time period itself, not just to the Scottish Highlanders themselves.

I also wasn't too keen on Frank. The show portrays him a bit more loving I think, and Claire seems for infatuated with him in the show as well, but in the book, it seems like they're different people, and he mentions that she may've cheated on him the 5 years they were apart, which I think made Claire really angry. I'd be too.

I also didn't get much of a sense that she was trying very hard to escape, but in the show, she seems to have planned it out more. Still, I love Claire. She's feisty and has a good reason to be; war makes you into a hard person, a person less willing to take people's sh*t. It's one of the reasons Jamie falls for her.

Ah, Jamie, you Scottish hottie you. His selflessness is truly astounding. I was interesting because I read most of what was in the first season of Outlander, and they made it more obvious that, while you could always count on Jamie being self-sacrificing and kind to others almost to a fault, he's still a young man with a bit of growing up to do. Yeah, he's not perfect, but that'll change once we get to reading the part where he actually does marry Claire and shows just how amazing he really is (in more way than one *wink, wink*).

Overall, I'm really glad I started to read this series and I cant wait to see what happens next! Either way, I know it's going to be amazing. Gabaldon's Scottish heroes and her English heroine have stolen my heart!

  • February 8-14: Read chapters 12-23
    • February 15th: Discuss: the characters and our thoughts on the characters. Which are our favorites and which ones we don't like as much.

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