Thursday, February 19, 2015

Discussing the Antidote (2) ~ Bad Boys vs Total Jerks

From recent events like the premier of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, I've learned that we're going in the wrong direction when it comes to bad boys. There's a huge difference between being a bad boy who's actually a sweetheart underneath, and a guy who's an asshat all the way to his core. So today I'm going to talk about exactly what I think about this Fifty Shades of Grey phenomena in context with the infamous Christian Grey.

I remember reading City of Bones for the first time, and falling in love with Jase. Now, Jase can be a total ass (it's part of his charm), but Jase is an ass in a witty, knowledgeable way. Yes, he says certain things specifically to hurt people, because that's how he copes with a messed up past. But he takes his anger out on the demons of the world, not his crush, and while I can imagine Jase being a kinky guy as an adult (who knows what other kinds of fanfic there are out in the world), he'd never hurt Clary.

Then there's Edward, the guy that Christian is actually based off of. He's not really a bad boy, except that he's a blood-drinking vampire. Just details. While I admit he could be overbearing at times, his overprotective nature when it came to Bella didn't seem so terrible to me. Honestly, she never gave him any reason to contradict that she needed constant protection.

Male characters like Christian Grey, on the other hand, romanticize not only over-protection, but domestic violence, hard-core stalking, and many other unsavory things. These books tell readers it's okay if a guy hits a girl when they have a messed up past. They need to take their anger and self-loathing out on somebody, and you should be there for them to do it to. Yeah, bullsh*t. Some of the things Christian does are unforgivable and are nothing like the Edward I came to love in the Twilight series. Yes, I admit, I enjoyed Twilight. Despite its flaws, I felt like there were parts of me that could relate. There was NOTHING in FSoG that I could relate to. Ana is almost as bad as Christian by taking it and not doing anything about it.

Bad boys like Jase and Edward are the ones girls should hope for. To break through that fortified barrier must feel like such an accomplishment. But Ana was right to leave Grey at the end of the first book. That really should've just been the end of it... *sigh*

And then this stupid One Direction fanfic... I just can't right now. I'm reading it for the sole purpose of bashing it. And it deserves it, trust me.

I don't even know if this post made sense; I just needed to vent.

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