Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 reading challenges + general goals

Obviously I have some goals for this year, not just in books, but in life. So before I get to my reading challenges, let me just quickly list off a few of my other goals. Some things are definitely out of my control, but here's for hoping!
  • At least look for an apartment to move in to. My boyfriend and I want to move in together, but can't afford it yet. I just started a job in late November 2014, and he's starting a new job this coming Monday, so I'm hoping that we'll be able to seriously look for somewhere to live together in 2015.
  • Get my book on track for being published. I know that if I go the traditional-publishing way (which is my plan) that it takes a lot of time after the book is written to get it published, but I'm hoping I can start the process, and soon!
  • Take the last class I need to graduate from UCSB. This goal is pretty cut and dry, but I am a bit nervous that I won't get into the class. I think it'll be fine, but it's definitely something I need to get done.
And now, my reading challenges for 2015!

My first challenge, as always, is the Goodreads reading challenge! I plan on challenging myself to 85 books, five less than I challenges myself in 2014 and five more than I read in 2014. It should be a little easier to make this year since I won't be on vacation for 2 months.

These two reading challenges are ones that I'm hosting on my blog. So please don't be shy and sign up! You can check out the rules, check out my lists of books, and sign up HERE. It starts today and ends December 31st, 2015.

This is a challenge I'm co-hosting with two of my book besties, Kimberly and Thuy. You can find the information for this reading challenge, my list of books, and sign up HERE.

And then there are the challenges that I'm not hosting but am really excited about participating in.

The first is the TBR Pile reading challenge hosted by Bookish. I always hope to read more books that continue to pile up, but there are always so many great books coming out during the year that it's really hard. You can read the rules and sign up HERE.

Then there's the debut author challenge. I actually did pretty terrible with this one in 2014, and to be honest, there aren't too many debuts I'm excited about reading this year. But I'll definitely still be participating and checking out the books because I know how important it is to read debuts (especially since I want to be one myself). You can find all that info HERE.

On top of the Better Late Than Never ARC challenge, I'd like to participate in this challenge, especially since most of my review books are Netgalley and Edelweiss, and I have many of them. You can check out the rule for this one HERE.

What reading challenges are you participating in for 2015? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Here's hoping that you'll be able to meet all of the goals that you've sent for yourself this year, both personal as well as reading. I'm definitely going to be in your corner for getting your book published and if you need any encouragement I'll definitely be happy to give you some. *g* The Netgalley and Edelweiss challenge looks like a good one that will not only challenge you, but also to help you keep track of it. I was actually thinking of doing it myself. :)


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