Monday, November 17, 2014

You May Be Wondering Where I've Gone!

I haven't posted very many reviews so far this month, and it's for good reason. Reason number one is that I interviewed for a job, got called back the next day about the background check and references check, spent time shopping for office clothes online, worried over whether I would get the job or not for a week, and then, finally, I got a call that they want to hire me! I start a week from today at SAGE Publications as an intern in the Digital Content department.

But when I haven't been worrying about getting a job, I've been writing almost non-stop to finish my novel. That means that I'm not reading very much and I'm not doing any other writing (AKA this blog) very much either. And since I'm neglecting you all so much, I thought I'd let you know how my writing is going.

Genre: Young Adult High Fantasy. I use a certain mythology heavily, but if I told you what that mythology was, I'd have to kill you. Some of you know because I know you and have told you, but otherwise it's kind of a secret.
Current word and page count (before full edits): 77, 734 words and 246 pages in Times New Roman 12 font, double-spaced. I'll probably end up making it more. I think it'll come from adding description and dialogue, but I may find that I need to add an extra scene as well. We'll see. 
There are ten POV's: I know that sounds a bit daunting, but it was really the only way I could tell my story and give it justice. The novel focuses mostly on a single person and the bulk of the book is from her perspective, but it's not all about her. I make that abundantly clear, not just through the multiple POV's, but through the words she's told by multiple characters as well. Also, two of the points of view will probably never be used again; they were (likely) a one-time deal. Well, one of them was definitely a one-time deal because of what happens in the scene, but the other has a chance for maybe one more scene in the second book. A few of the other POV's are only in there once or twice as well, but they're main characters so that could easily happen again in book 2 or 3. Also, the POV the novel begins with is the POV it ends with, and there's only one more scene from that person in the middle. So, it's not really ten POV's as much as seeing the story and its characters through other people's eyes, even if it's just for one scene.
I got a weird spell-check error: Because this is a high fantasy, there are a lot of words that aren't in the Word dictionary. Plus, there are always sentences that Word says are grammar issues, but I throw caution to the wind and go on a case by case basis. Word is usually wrong. But I apparently got to a point that so many words and phrases were "wrong" that I got a message that too many words were misspelled, so Word wouldn't be underlining what was wrong anymore. Umm, aca-scuse me? I've never even heard of that message before. So I took the time to go through it in spell check and added all the crazy words I was using into the doc's dictionary. It's actually nice; now everything's not underlined in red and I don't feel like Word is judging me for my word choice.
The most pleasant surprise about writing a novel: It was kind of amazing how some of the scenes came together. As bad as it sounds, I was thinking to myself, "How can I make this chapter longer?" I just started typing out some things, and then had a small epiphany that it could be connected to this and that and some other thing. The surprise for me was that, sometimes, this book just wrote itself. Like it took control of me, and not the other way around.
 My goal: By the end of November, I plan on having the manuscript completely finished (CHECK!) and all of my own edits done. I'm going to have a few people reading it, but now that I've completely finished it, I've got to move on to editing. I thought I'd already pretty well-edited the first half, but I was wrong. In realizing that a scene that will be needed in the second book didn't really fit the pacing, I turned it into a dream instead. I think I had to truly finish the novel and see how everything had played out to realize that the scene didn't make sense as reality; otherwise, she would've been way more freaked out than she actually was, and it wasn't time for her to freak out yet. Because that doesn't sound insane.

I believe writing is a low form of insanity. As writers, we literally make up entire storylines and characters, and in my case (and the case of many other YA authors) killing them off and putting them through a lot of pain. I wonder if it's therapeutic, and if a part of me dies with each character-death. I don't know, but what I do know is that this sucker is getting finished this month, and once I get feedback from some reader-friends, I'm going to find myself an agent and get my book published.

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo (or NaNoFinMo, like me!)? Let me know about your progress in the comments!

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  1. Congratulations on finishing the book (well you know this version anyway). That is awesome news! And haha Word is totally judging you!


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