Monday, November 10, 2014

Building My Bookshelf (37)

This is a feature I've created here at The Reader's Antidote. It's inspired by the features Dusty Reads by Giselle at Xpresso Reads and the feature Books to Pine For by Kristi at The Story Siren (a YA blog that no longer exists). First, I feature two books (or series) that I currently have on my TBR shelf (either physically or on my Kindle). These are usually books that I would want to read if I had more free time. Second, I feature two books (or series) that are on my wish list, one that is already released and another that will be released within the next year.

On my shelf: 

I know, I should've read this already. For some reason I've been on more of a paranormal/contemporary kick lately and high fantasies just aren't my thing right now. That may be because I'm writing a high fantasy myself and my brain just can't handle a whole other world besides the one I've been living in. I'll get to it as soon as I'm in the mood again.

Now this one has been sitting for some time on my shelf. I really enjoyed Partials, but for some reason I just haven't found my way to reading Fragments. Maybe it's the size of it, but I've heard good things! And of course I still love dystopians, so I'm not sure what's holding me back. 

On my wishlist: 

I was always sort of impartial to her Iron Fey series, except for the last book. And her dystopian vampire series, while interesting, didn't wow me either. But I saw this book in the store and the cover is so gorgeous (it feels like actual scales!) and it's about dragons so that's awesome too.

I've been waiting for this novel FOREVER! I loved the first novel, and the second novel was okay. But this one promises to be epic. I think it's been a couple years since the second one came out, so I'm definitely getting this the day it comes out.

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  1. I know you and Kimberly loved Nevermore but I tried reading it and could not get into it. I may try again one day. Glad book 3 is coming out for you though.


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