Friday, October 10, 2014

What Does the Bookworm Say? - It's a Balancing Act!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the What Does the Bookworm Say? feature hosted by me, Thuy from Nite Lite Book Reviews, Crystal from Books Unbound, and Kimberly from The Windy Pages. Today we're talking about how we balance life, reading, blogging. Well it's not easy!

Blogging: Well, I wish I could post more, obviously. I have so many reviews to write that it seems a bit daunting. And I really do spend a lot of time at home, but it's spent doing other things and sometimes I'm just not motivated enough.

Reading: Sometimes I'll read like six books in a row, and feel like I'm totally burned out. What happens after that is I decide to either write a lot or get addicted to a TV show on Netflix, and for about a week, I won't read anything. It's like a book hangover, but not because of one particular book, just a bunch.

Writing: This kind of goes with what I said above. I'll write normally after reading a lot and just focus on writing for a while. A lot of my novel writing is actually editing right now, but I really do have to be in the right mood to do it.

A Life: Life involves having a job, a long-time boyfriend, and a best friend. I learned a long time ago that, barring NEEDING to finish a book in one sitting, I tend to put a lot of other things in my life before reading, writing, and most of all blogging. Yes, blogging makes me happy, but all the other things I listed here make me even more happy. I have a life, so I figure I should go out and live it.

How do you balance everything? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I think it's great that you put your family and friends above blogging. I mean blogging is great but you have to make time for the people you care about, too.


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