Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Book-to-Movie Review: The Fault in Our Stars

I LOVED the film version of The Fault in Our Stars!!! One of the things I make myself do before seeing these YA books turned into movies is to NOT read the novel before going to see it. I always over-analyze each scene and each thing said when I read it right before, and I hate doing that to myself and the movie.

You know a movie is fantastic when there are people crying the theater from all the feels, and people tweet afterwards at the author, saying "f**k you John Green!" It's all out of love though, and I have nothing but love for this movie. I took my boyfriend and my roommate, bringing in my purse an entire role of toilet paper. We didn't need the whole thing, but I was holding in a lot of tears, so maybe when it comes out on DVD, I'll cry more.

The acting was superb! Shaylene Woodley is definitely a rising star, and so is Ansel Egort. I cannot describe how well they embodied the two characters that I came to love through the books. My boyfriend thought it was awkward that they were brother and sister in Divergent, but because these characters are so different, I did not once make that connection. Ansel as Augustus makes me want guys to actually talk like he does. That's not reality, and damn you JG for making us hope, but it makes for a great movie. And William Dafoe was so classic! I loved him in his role.

I cried. God, did I cry! So did my roommate, and my boyfriend said his eyes teared up. So it definitely did its job. I was happy, though, that no one was outright sobbing loudly. I heard some people who went to go see it had to deal with some serious criers. I have to admit that, had I not been in a movie theater, I would've been ugly crying as loud as I could. I literally had to hold my stomach to keep from sobbing. It was that good. I can't wait for the DVD to come out so that I can add it to my arsenal of movies that make me sob, along with P.S. I Love You.

If you're thinking about seeing this movie, don't think, just go. You may hurt for a while, but it will be so worth it. And if you read the book, then you'll love the movie, I promise.

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