Sunday, March 23, 2014

What Does the Bookworm Say? ~ New Adult

Now today's topic is... our thoughts on New Adult!

First impression: I love it, but I'm very particular about what NA I read.

There's only one author who's NA (New Adult) I've really enjoyed and that's J.Lynn's Be With Me series. I love this author so much with every book of hers that I've read, so it only makes sense that she simply makes her sexy scenes even sexier, make the language a little rougher and the issues a little harder to deal with. I've tried to read other NA by other authors, but it hasn't been nearly as good. I also tried reading a paranormal NA, and didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I think I just haven't found enough NA books out there that I think I'll enjoy. I'd love any and all recommendations!

I enjoy NA mostly because it's about people my age, so I can really relate. I still relate to YA,obviously, since I'm still a teenager at heart and was one not too long ago. But there are things that happen, especially in JLA's books that either hit home or just seem very likely to happen in a college setting.

The only warning I have against NA is that it is about people that are from the ages of 18-25. A lot of growing up goes on in those years, and so that means it tackles a lot of difficult issues. Those include: rape, all types of abuse, sex and other foreplay, suicide, drinking, drugs, etc. I expect these things because I see them or hear about them at my college, so I think that's why I relate to NA. It really encompasses the crazy ride of college, but it's definitely not for younger readers of YA. Honestly, I would suggest that readers of NA be at least 17 before they read it. That way, they can actually appreciate the things that are happening and not be scarred by them. That sounds bad, but NA books can get heavy in multiple ways.

If you enjoy NA or you're thinking about starting the genre, I would definitely suggest J. Lynn's Be With Me series. It's setting the bar pretty high for any NA you might read after that, but you will have read about these absolutely swoony boys have kept me up late into the night reading.


  1. I like NA for the same reasons you do - it's nice to read about people my age! I've also found that I like Chick Lit a lot too...Cindi Madsen is great! I like Courtney Cole as well, and I think her Stay With Me series is considered NA.

    1. I've definitely heard of Courtney Cole's books. Thanks for the recommendations Tiffany! :)

  2. Have you tried KA Tucker's Ten Tiny Breaths series? I have yet to read it but I've read a lot of praise about them on Goodreads :)

    1. I have the first book for review, just haven't gotten to it, but I've also heard really good things about it.


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