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What Does the Bookworm Say? ~ Favorite Romances

Now today's topic is... Favorite romances! What are some of your favorite romances?

Okay, so first I'm going to sound off some criteria that I need for it to be a great romance. And yes, it does have a lot to do with the guy.
  • IT CAN'T BE INSTALOVE! The only book that I've allowed instalove is Twilight, and that's really more about instaobsession than instalove. In every other setting, it has failed to work. I. Just. Can't.
  • I have to be attracted to the guy. I know it sounds stupid, but like I've said before, I tend to feel like I'm the main character, so if I'm not attracted to the guy, then I won't be excited for the relationship to happen.
  • The girl has to have some redeeming qualities. We are reading from her POV after all (usually, anyway). If I can't understand why he loves her so much, I'm out.
  • There has to be something that creates tension between them at some point. It could be a mistake by one or both of them, or something outside their control tearing them apart. Many authors choose to rely on the sequel syndrome, which truly bugs the crap out of me. The guy doesn't need to suddenly jump ship in the second book when the most terrible things start happening. I hate this one almost as much as instalove.
  • They have to grow as individuals as well as together. While trying to figure out who they are as an individual, they also have to found out the kind of people they are when they're with each other. Which is why the sequel syndrome bothers me so much.
  • There has to be a steamy moment. I'd like to site the shower scene between Adam and Juliette in Shatter Me. Not that was literally a steamy moment *fans myself*. But, seriously, I wait the whole freakin' book for something YA sexy and all I get sometimes is a measly peck on the cheek or something? Not cool.

But I also definitely have a list, a lot of times it's because I love the guy so much and the girl gets a spot too because she's the one he loves. But I'll try to give you a good list that is about the couples and not just about the guys and hotness. These are in no particular order:
  • Elisa and Hector from The Girl of Fire and Thorns series: I love the dynamic between these two! Elisa really faces heartbreak in the first book, but her steady Hector is always there for her. And some of the things he tells her... SWOON!
  • Clary and Jace from the Mortal Instruments books 1-3: I've loved these two since the beginning of this series, and they're one of my favorite couples to this day. It's not even that Clary is that special to me (I love Jace way more than Clary), but it's the fact that she's very special to Jace and he shows that time and time again.
  • Will and Tessa from the Infernal Devices: I was Team Will from the first moment we met him. Honestly, I could not see the attraction with Jem, but that's probably because I'm attracted to tall white guys and that's about it. These two were part of a triangle, so you know it didn't work out exactly how I wanted it to, but I loved them together and they really fit.
  • Adrian and Sydney from the Bloodlines series: This romance is fresh in my mind because I just finished The Fiery Heart. What I love about this romance is that they feed off of each other and they really keep each other sane. I really can't remember what it was like when they were apart, and it wasn't nearly as interesting and hot as when they're together.
  • Rose and Dmitri from the Vampire Academy books: I think the fact that their relationship was so perfect and then cut off so soon in the novels that makes it one of my favorites. Rose never gave up and Dmitri is, well, Dmitri. He's totally loyal and completely in love with Rose. I can't wait to see these two on the big screen!
  • Aiden and Alex from the Covenant series: These two interact with each other so well. They had so many obstacles to overcome (one being a very annoying love triangle), but in the end they really came out on top. Not unscathed, that's for sure, but their love was enough in the end.
  • Daemon and Katie from the Lux books: I am totally dreading the ending of this series, but I know Daemon and Katie will make it through. They really compliment each other, especially with both of their volatile personalities. It certainly keeps things interesting!
  • Wolf and Scarlet from Scarlet and Cress: Out of all the relationships in this series so far, this is the one that's really stuck out to me. Both have been through so much, and that's why they're so meant for each other. Their romance is the kind that hangs on a thread and I'm so afraid it's going to drop and break!
  • Hazel and Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars: Well now that I've seen the trailer for the movie, this is even more true. I want to say so much about this relationship: how Augustus basically brings Hazel out of a depression and a life not worth living, and she gives him everything in return. I can't wait to see them on screen and then ball by freakin' eyes out!
  • Kaidan and Anna from the Sweet trilogy: We haven't gotten to see the full extent of their relationship (soon...), but these two are beyond hot together. It has a lot to do with Kaidan, I'll admit that, but Anna's really grown into a full-blown character and she really challenges Kai.
  • Kate and Vincent from the Revenants series: These two have to go through some crazy things as well. It's not just the fact that he's a zombie either, but it just seems like someone's always after them. Kate makes some Bella-like decisions, but you could really feel the love between these two.
  • Will and Ellie from the Angelfire trilogy: One of my favorite series and favorite couples. I loved them from the beginning and couldn't wait for Will to get over himself so that they could be together. They also really fed off each other, especially when it came to battles. They literally had thousands of years of practice together, so there was bound to be chemistry.
  • Ron and Hermione from the Harry Potter series: This was a long time coming. Looking back at the movies (just because they're a lot faster than reading the books), there were a lot of hints that Ron and Hermione belonged together. And I think they're so opposite that they really balanced each other out.
  • Perry and Aria from Under the Never Sky books: Ugh I still need to read the last book! They've been tested, but I know these two can make it. They didn't quite start off as friends, but they've grown so much as people, separate and together, that I can't wait to see where they end up!
  • Nora and Patch from the Hush, Hush series: I LOVED the first book when it came out. The other books weren't nearly as good, but one of the things that kept me reading them were Nora and Patch. Admittedly, Patch was the main reason, but their relationship evolved so nicely despite the evils they had to face.
  • Varen and Isobel from Nevermore: While I didn't like the sequel at all, Nevermore is still one of my favorite books, and while part of that is because it's based off of Edgar Allen Poe's works, the other bigger part is because of the chemistry between Varen and Isobel, two very different people that are just so meant for each other!
  • Adam and Juliette from the Shatter Me books: Tahereh better not screw this one up, is all I'm saying. Juliette and Adam have a deeper connection that goes back to before she got herself landed in the nuthouse, and the fact that she is even considering Warner makes me sick to my stomach because of the things he's done. Adam and Juliette have amazing chemistry, and the only other answer I have is shower scene...
  • Aura and Zachary from the Shade trilogy: I loved every moment of this trilogy. Yeah, Zachary is super hot because, well, the accent, but he and Aura really take care of each other at different parts of their lives together. This was one couple that really needed each other to survive, but in the best possible way.
  • Anna and Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss: Again, a boy with an accent. But it was great because the author made both characters flawed, both in personality and appearance, and she put them through some tough stuff, yet they still found a way to be together. Love these two!

Are any of these your favorite romances? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love how many couples you have on this list! Love so many of them. And i totally agree with what you look for. Great post!

  2. Pecks on the cheek are lame! Haha but I agree with you on most of these points. I need to see redeeming qualities in both characters or else I just don't get why they are together. I also like tension - usually in the form of them not liking each other - at first. Great list, Nicole!


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