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Vampire Academy Movie Review!



There are so many reasons to go see Vampire Academy, whether you loved the series, hated the series, are completely indifferent to it or you've never read it! This movie hits on so many genres and different types of people, it was so hard not to love. I feel very protective of my favorite series, and since this is one of them, I'm happy to report that I loved this movie much more than I thought I would. But the main way I knew this was a good movie was because I took my best friend (who hates even going to the movie theaters in the first place) who had not only never even finished the first book but also is very picky with her movies, and she loved it just as much as I did. This is a true testament to how many different people this can reach out to.

So I'm going to tell you what I liked/loved in this movie, and I think Buzzfeed does a really good job of summarizing the awesome of this movie and why you should go see it. The full article is here, but I'll pick out the parts I agree with (which are most of them, but I'll put them in the order I think is most important) and elaborate with my own thoughts while adding some of my own.

The friendship between Rose and Lissa
So many books these days (especially young adult) like to conveniently forget about the best friend every girl needs to get through the day with their sanity intact. I think Zoey (Rose) and Lucy (Lissa) not only nailed that relationship in the movie, but they also obviously have great chemistry off set as well to be best friends. This relationship is so important in YA because Twilight made it all about the guy(s), but that girl friendship is so important, and I'm glad the movie portrayed that so perfectly.
I laughed, I gasped, I swooned!

Yes, I did all those things. This really brought back the days I fell in love this series, and the directors really brought to life the funny moments, the serious moments, the cringe-worthy moment and the swoon-worthy moments in perfect fashion. I found myself enjoying it from the beginning, and never truly relaxing until it had ended. This movie did things to me that felt exactly like the way the series made me feel.
 Girl power
This kind of goes with the girl best friends idea, but we see a lot of female empowerment in this movie, just like in the book. Rose is a perfect example of this, being the badass that she is, but I could also really see it in Lissa when she wasn't going to take anymore crap from anybody. Granted, she was using compulsion to get what she wanted, but to have the guts to do that is really daring for a British lady such as herself. There was some serious girl power in this movie, and I really think that the directors' experience with Mean Girls helped in this aspect.

The cast is phenomenal with so much obvious chemistry on all fronts
On that note, the entire cast was absolutely perfect. Zoey Deutch IS Rose. I know people have said that, but I didn't truly believe it until I saw her in action. They could not have picked a better person to place our Rose. Lucy as Lissa was also perfect. Many people have called her a flat character, but that's how she felt in the books to me as well. We're meant to focus on Rose and her growth, with Lissa's own struggles surfacing in the background. Danila as Dmitri was just... swoon! I mean, I'm not really into those eastern European accents, but every time he was in a scene, I fell in love with him all over again. There were only a couple awkward moments in his speech, but that's expected since he's Russian and all. Dominic was wonderful as Christian as well, and I felt like he embodied that whole brooding bad boy angle. But the one that stole some perfect moments of the show was Cameron as Mason. I didn't really see that face as being Mason at first, but Cameron really embodied Mason as Rose's best friend who she never chooses. Sami as Mia was interesting and thrilling, mostly because I'm used to seeing her in Blue Bloods and not being a total bitch, but she played that dynamic part very well. And Sarah as Natalie... what can I say, she pulled it off in both roles.
The pop culture references
I was so glad to notice that they updated the jargon to fit today's society rather than the year the book was published. For instance, one of the characters asks Rose what a hashtag is, and I loved it! But it also brings in classic pop culture references. The article sites that they found references to Pretty in Pink, Gladiator, Superman, and Mean Girls. Two of my favorite lines were when Rose references Mason as Ducky when he's being a jerk (which is of course from Pretty in Pink) and one of the last lines where Rose asks Dmitri "Are you not entertained?!" which of course is Gladiator. I couldn't help loving the writers and director's for these brilliant choices.
The critics are heartless because this movie made me bleed (metaphorically, of course)
You know that pain in your chest when something is happening in a movie that you just can't handle? I got that feeling in this movie despite the fact that I had read the book before. Luckily, I didn't read it before and even forgot who the bad guy was and what happens at the end. There were just so many feels, mostly because of Rose and Dmitri, but the best part about this series that the movie really nailed is that it's not just about the romance. There's so much more that takes president over it and even hinders it. The critics are obviously not fans of the series (or vampires or even YA for that matter), and since they've been jaded by other YA movies not turning out well, they looked for flaws that weren't there and embellished them. The truth is, this is a perfect adaptation of this book. There are always things that have to be taken out, but it helps seeing it as a separate entity, as I've said many times.

There's only one thing they did wrong with this movie and that's the advertising. They tried to draw in the Mean Girls crowd, but it's barely about that, and I think that really hurt it in terms of people going to go see it. Luckily, it was nothing like those terrible advertisements and had very few true Mean Girls moments. And those moments were done right anyway.

Now, I will leave you with some yummy pictures of Dmitri. Seriously, when he called her my Rosa, I nearly died of swoonage, because such a thing totally exists.

Have you seen Vampire Academy? Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, especially since you are such a fan of the books. I didn't love it like you but it makes me happy to see some people who did. :)


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