Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Top Ten of YA Day 5: Heroines

I think this is another part of this feature that I added this year, and since I did my book boyfriends, I knew I had to do heroines as well. They're the characters we most align ourselves with in the story, and the best ones of this year definitely deserve some recognition.

I followed this series until the end, loving the first book, not quite enjoying the second book, and despite knowing the ending of the last one, I completely enjoyed it. Tris always had to do what needed to be done, and she proved that time and time again in Allegiant. She also proved that she's a flawed character. 

Sydney from the Bloodlines books #1-4 by Richelle Mead
I have loved Sydney's growth throughout the series so far. She's had to really come out of her comfort zone to do things that she knew was right, even if it went against what everyone has told her for her entire life.

Ellie from Shadows in the Silence by Courtney Allison Moulton
Ellie is another heroine that DWNTBD (aka did what needed to be done), especially when it came to saving Will and, of course, saving the world. I was very sad to see the series end, knowing I wouldn't get to see Ellie's intensity except in rereads.

Katie from Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Katie really suffered in Origin, but she kept up her spirits. The fact that her and Daemon were separated for a good amount of this book let us see Katie without him, and she still has that spark in her that we love and that Daemon loves.

Cinder from Cress by Marissa Meyer
Cinder constantly surprises by how much she puts the needs of everyone else before else. Cress isn't even about Cinder, and yet I felt myself being drawn to her story still despite everything else going on. She's always so down on herself, but she's one of the best heroines I've read and I can't wait to follow her story to the final book.

Alex from the Half-Blood series by Jennifer L. Armentrout
From the beginning, Alex has been a badass and she's been through a lot throughout the whole series. Besides, she caught the attention of Aidan, and you know that takes some skill. She's also had to make some tough decisions...

Anna from Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins
Poor, poor Anna. After the sort of innocence in Sweet Evil got cut down, we have to see a new kind of Anna that is forced to do bad things that she's never wanted to do to keep a low profile. In this way, I thought that she was another heroine that DWNTBD.

Elisa from The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson
I've also followed Elisa throughout her long and heart-breaking journey in this beautiful world. I just love this series so much and I feel like Elisa is not only a relatable character, but also a very real character put in a world that's very unlike our own. I've always felt a deep connection with her.

Eleanor from A Darkness Strange and Lovely by Susan Dennard
She's just so stubborn, I can't help but love her. Many women in her time would not have her courage and willingness to stand up to people and do what's right. Also, I just love this story!

Kaylee from With All My Soul by Rachel Vincent
Kaylee is possibly the biggest example of a heroine that DWNTBD. She's constantly making decisions that would help others but was usually stipulated with her death or losing her soul. Something along those lines. Despite the fact that she didn't pick the guy I wanted at the end, she'll always be a heroine that was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice when she thought it called for it.


  1. Hey! Would it be ok if we used your photo of YA heroine's on the RT Convention Teen Day Facebook page? We would credit you with a link back to your blog, of course.

    1. Of course Elisa! Let me know when it's up on the page :)

  2. Excellent, thank you! I just posted it this morning:


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