Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Poisonous Book Haul (66)

This has now become my replacement for In My Mailbox. Since that feature has recently moved from The Story Siren, I decided that I needed to move on as well. This feature has a name that's more catered to my blog's theme, but it's exactly the same. Basically, you create a post of the books you either received in the mail/e-mail, bought at a bookstore, or borrowed from the library.

Sorry, no video this time, guys. I forgot to bring my iPad when I trekked home this weekend. Still, I'm very excited for these books!

I finally broke down and bought a paperback copy of The Lost Hero because I hear that Percy and Annabel come back and become a things; this I have to see!

Disney Merchandise
The Disney merchandise I bought is so awesome I just had to show you! I know it's not book-related, but it feels like it's book-related, you know? Also, the shirt on the top right is for part of my Halloween costume. If you're wondering, I got this stuff from Hot Topic.

I was pretty excited when I won Solstice because I'd been hearing good things and I've been following the author's blog for some time now.

Thornhill (Hemlock #2) by Kathleen Peacock
I finally got my copy of Thornhill for a blog tour that I hosted a guest post for, so I hope to start that soonish.

I also got a ton of books for review, mostly from Edelweiss but also Netgalley. It seems like Harper Collins just auto-approved me for stuff I didn't even request. Did this happen to anyone else? Not that I'm complaining. I'm so happy with the books I got for review this week! I starred the ones I'm really excited for:

Netgalley & Edelweiss
Harper Collins
Simon & Schuster

What did you get in your book haul? Let me know in the comments!


  1. That's a crazy book haul, Nicole. And I love your Disney stuff. I don't usually go into Hot Topic but I may pop in the next time I am near one.

  2. I didn't get approved for ones I didn't request on Edelweiss, but I did randomly get approved for ones I was rejected for previously. Cruel Beauty, specifically. I requested it right after they first posted it and was denied, the last week my status changed to approved. I was all O_o and then filled with joy.

    On a totally unrelated note, I finally got around to reading your about me section and I cannot believe you used the quote from 10 Things I Hate About You! ::flails:: That's one of favorite movies and I actually put a copy of that poem on the back of my wedding programs.


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