Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sequel Saturday (3)

What is Sequel Saturday, you may ask? Well, in truth, I'm not sure yet. But I'm pretty much going to be very broad with this feature and so anything that is a sequel to something is game, whether it's a sequel to a book or a movie I'm excited or thought was terrible or any number of emotions. This won't substitute for reviews or anything, but I think it's good to talk about sequels and the love-hate relationship we all have with them. Enjoy!

The post this week is all about what I need for me to love a sequel. I need...

  • Something significant to happen. Often what happens is that there's a whole bunch of filler and then something happens at the end to somehow make it all worth it. But really it just makes me mad. I HATE FILLER BOOKS!
  • The romance (if there is one) to blossom. I don't care if they're soul mates, or if they're at each other's throats. There needs to be some serious progress with the romance.
  • Character development without it getting boring. Sometimes, the author decides to get into the back stories of all the characters because it's the middle book and the final book needs to have enough room to wrap everything up. But it just makes for a very boring sequel. And yet, it can't all be action. Otherwise, you feel disconnected from the characters. It's a touch balance.
  • Something new to happen. Whenever I think to reference this, I always go with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There's always the underlying character drama, but then a new demon comes to town and Buffy just has to take it out. But it also has to add in a way to the entire story arc or character development.
  • Some recap, but not something that lasts an entire chapter or more. I understand needing the readers to remember what happened because otherwise they'll be lost. But authors need to find a more sly way to do it, where the reader isn't bored.
What do you guys need in a sequel to love it? Let me know in the comments!


  1. i hate filler books! sometimes it feels like they are just stalling so that they can write the third book and finish the story. in those cases i wish it would just be 2 books instead of 3. and i like things to happen, too, but not the same thing that happened in the first book. sequels are definitely tricky.

  2. Completely agree on hating filler books and needing a BRIEF recap!


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