Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sequel Saturday (2)

What is Sequel Saturday, you may ask? Well, in truth, I'm not sure yet. But I'm pretty much going to be very broad with this feature and so anything that is a sequel to something is game, whether it's a sequel to a book or a movie I'm excited or thought was terrible or any number of emotions. This won't substitute for reviews or anything, but I think it's good to talk about sequels and the love-hate relationship we all have with them. Enjoy!

The first week I did this, I talked about sequels that were terrible compared to their predecessors. Now, I'm going to feature sequels that were way better than the first books.


  1. I totally agree that Scarlet is better than Cinder, though I still liked Cinder, but I thought the Iron Daughter was disappointing after the first book. That didn't stop me from devouring the entire series though.

  2. Oh wow, you thought Hallowed was better than Unearthly and The Goddess Interrupted was better than The Goddess Test? I personally liked the first books more, probably why I haven't read any of those third books yet. As for Wings it was just a so so book for me, I'm excited the series gets better with Spells. I've read Cinder and heard EVERYONE agreeing Scarlet was the better story. I'm excited to read that one soon. Fun Post!

  3. omg scarlet was freakin' awesome! better than cinder and i loved cinder. i am super crossing fingers that i can manage to get an arc at sdcc this weekend. i'll let you know if i do. :)


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