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Catching Liam Blog Tour: Review of Catching Liam, Interview with Sophia Bleu + GIVEAWAY

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Goodreads rating: 3.84
Published July 8th 2013 by Sophia Bleu
Series: Good Girls Don't #1
Genre: New Adult contemporary

Twenty-one year-old Jillian Nichols only has one rule when it comes to boys: catch and release. Boy-catching isn't just a game for Jillian and her friends, it's a lifestyle. After all, boys might be good for a dance or a drink and certainly a little under-cover action of the scandalous variety, but expect much else and you're bound for heart ache.

So when her best friends and fellow boy catchers start dropping like flies junior year, Jillian is determined to keep boys in her bedroom and out of her heart. Until she meets Liam McAvoy, the kind of guy that sticks around to make waffles and who can't—or perhaps won't—take a hint.

Study abroad student Liam doesn't want to be another notch on Jillian's bedpost. Actually he has much more interesting ideas for Jillian and her bedposts, but his student visa's set expiration date means he can't promise her forever. That doesn't mean he's going to walk away from the challenge of discovering why Jillian is hell-bent at keeping people at a distance.

Before long, neither is sure who is catching who—or if they're playing for keeps. Jillian knows one thing though: falling in love will not only break the only rule of boy-catching, it could also break her heart.

This is a new adult book and is NOT for younger readers. There is sex and some bad language.

This book already captured my heart by just reading the synopsis; the main selling point being a hot foreign boy. And he didn't disappoint. He easily swoops into Jillian's life and as much as she tries to deny it, she was changed forever by that one-night stand she had with him. Jillian's used to a catch-and-release game with boys. Since I go to a school where there are a lot of girls that play this game, I've seen it enough times to know that this really does happen. I think that's one of the reasons I read this NA books; it's because, while I pretty much never experience any of the same things, I am in college, and so I'm able to understand them a lot more than if I was in high school reading this genre. Anyway, Liam kind of messes up her game. He seems like he wants a lot more than a one night stand with Jillian, but she's made sure she's not programmed that way. At first, I thought that was really dysfunctional of her to do, but it isn't until the middle of the book where we realize that we didn't even know what dysfunction was in the beginning. But Liam is there with her through everything, despite her pushing him away constantly, not wanting to hurt him. He wants everything to do with her though.

This was sexy. And I mean all kinds of sexy. The guy they have as the ale model for Liam on the cover is almost exactly how I pictured him, and the guy always seems to be naked, or at least have his shirt off. I never complained, and neither did Jillian. The sex scenes that we got to see were sweet and we really got to see the pure attraction they had for each other. I mean, you always know the relationships in these are going to, at least as far as the book is concerned, work out. This book fit the bill for pretty much all of the NA books I've read so far, but it helped that the boy had a Scottish accent and was beyond sweet and understanding the enter time of Jillian's craziness. We start to figure out something's wrong with Jillian when we see her taking pills. At first, I totally thought it was for birth control, but it's so much more, and this added element really brought the story to a whole new level. Jillian also has no family nearby because they're not exactly getting along. She has an unsupportive beotch of a mother and a passive father, two things that don't mix well, especially when her mother thinks she's a slut. Needless to say, Jillian has a lot to work through in this book. The ending was a bit unresolved in certain areas, but otherwise I really liked this book. There are two companion books and I'm hoping to read those too.

New Adult lovers and lovers of foreign boys!



Sophia Bleu is a secret identity where I can write about fantasies and falling in love and all the smexiness in between.  In real life, I'm likely catching a plane, chasing kids, or making out with the love of my life—all 6 ft 3 inches of hotness that he is.  Life is pretty good.

New Adult has recently become the hot (pun intended) genre to get into. Is New Adult something you've always wanted to write?
Actually it is.  I’m a traditionally pubbed YA writer, and the first stories I attempted were contemporaries with older protagonists heading off to college or already in college.  I abandoned them for a variety of reasons that had less to do with the market and more to do with follow through.  I started reading a lot of New Adult last fall and fell in love.  One day the concept of boy catching popped into my head and the rest is history.
Why are foreign students always so much hotter?
It’s the accents, right?  It has to be the accents.  I think Jane Austen said “it’s a truth universally acknowledged that a guy with an accent is so much hotter.” Eeek! Mr. Hotness (aka the ball and chain) just informed me that he had the hots for a Scottish girl back in college because of her accent!  And everything comes full circle.
What was the hardest part about writing Catching Liam?
I was under deadline for another book at the same time, and I wanted to write Liam all the time.  I had to learn to say no and focus.
Was there any research involved for Catching Liam, or did you pull experiences from your past/present?
A little bit of both.  I’m proud to say some of that is first-hand knowledge (wink, wink!), but there’s another storyline in there that was definitely researched.  I hope I did it justice. Oh, and I had consultations with my sister and her two best friends who all recently graduated from college.  Nothing like being dragged to the bar in the name of research.  I owe them another round!
If you could change one thing about Catching Liam, what would it be?
I’m not really sure. I’m still smitten with it. Ask me in a month ;)
What was your favorite character to write in this book?
Well, I think the cop-out answer is Liam, because c’mon.  But if I had to choose another character, it would probably be Cassie.  We barely get to know her in this novel, but I love her already.  I can’t wait to get in her head for the third book. 
Are you working on any new projects?
I’m currently working on Teaching Roman, book two in the Good Girls Don’t series, as well as some super secret stuff.  My alternate identity has a book due at the moment, too.  I’m keeping busy.
Do you have any writing quirks?
I can’t write before 1 pm.  I have no idea why.  I can work under any other condition and well into the wee hours, but I can’t get started until after 1 pm!
Love triangle or one true love?
Both.  Also I’ll have my cake and eat it, too.
Would you rather have the ability to read minds or be invisible?
Read minds.  My life would be so much easier.  I hope I get bit by that radioactive spider soon.
What would I find in your fridge right now?
A bottle of Moscato, the perfect wine.  Some leftover curry and a pie I baked today.
Favorite book you've read so far this year?
I devoured Entwined with You.  I actually missed my exit home because I was so engrossed in it.

Thanks for the great answers, Sophia! I too think Moscato is the perfect wine.

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  1. Yay so happy you enjoyed it, too, chickie! Sexy is definitely a perfect description for it! And great interview - can I get some of that pie? Lol


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