Saturday, July 20, 2013

15 Day Blogger Challenge~Day 11, 12, 13

Sorry I skipped a couple days here guys, but I couldn't really think of anything for the two I missed. Still, I'll try to think of things for days 11 and 12, and then today's subject.

DAY 11
This one is about showing off our best blog posts, but I'm not really sure what that means, so I'm just going to go with some of my top viewed posts. I love seeing that people are actually seeing my reviews!

DAY 12
Day 12 is about fighting blogger fatigue. I guess the best way to beat that is to take a break. I haven't had to take one of those long breaks; I have yet to be uninspired when it comes to blogging. But I can't force myself to post. If it's for a blog tour, I really have no choice, but I'll still feel bad posting it because I know it's not at its full potential. So when I'm not feeling it, I just won't post what I was going to post that day and I either push it back, or just forget about it if it's a meme/feature.

I also need distractions. It'll really bother me that I'm not posting that day, so I'll find a movie to watch, go hang out with my boyfriend/friends, read, or write! Those all really get my mind off of the fact that I just don't feel like posting.

DAY 13
Today is about telling you all about an under-appreciated book that I love. Well, there are multiple books that I know are under-appreciated and so I'll give you multiples with some explanation.

Well this one is a given because I did a whole read-a-long for it, but I adore this series and I don't know that many people that have actually read it. It has a kick-butt but also very human MC and a super hot boy. Not only that, but it has a great idea and a plot line that kept me hungering for more every single page! My heart broke over and over again in this series, but the author found a way to put it back together again.

This series ended last year and I was so sad that I was saying goodbye to these wonderful characters, mostly because I couldn't really talk with anyone about them because not enough people had read this series. And as readers, you know how much that hurts. This series has one of the most swoon-worthy YA boys out there, and he will remain as such, but the other characters are also so dimensional.

This one is so extremely underrated and I have no idea why. I actually think it might be because it's a fantasy, but it's written in a way where the characters and their journeys as people take over the plot line. The landscapes are so vivid and I feel like I'm there, but it's really the characters that bring it together. Plus, I've never had a first book in a series break my heart as much as this one did.

I adore this series. This one has been compared to the Twilight saga a lot, but I personally think that it's better. And the reason for that is because I can't stand the turn the series took after the first book, and this series only got better. Also, Kate is much less stupid than Bella and although Edward has a special place in my heart, so does Vincent. Besides, it takes place in Paris; what's not to love?!

I love Edgar Allen Poe, and so when I heard there was going to be a YA book coming out with his world as the centerpiece, I couldn't resist. Plus, this book really taught me how to fall in love with a guy that I at first was not at all physically attracted to. Varen stole my heart, and Isobel really grew too. And like I said, the fact that Edgar Allen Poe and his stories were all over this thing gave it a giant push in the book love direction.

This is actually her first book, and I think it's way better than her Delirium series, but no one seems to know about it. I finished this book in a day and literally wanted to start it over as soon as I'd read that last page. Oliver is a pro at writing characters and Samantha made a complete turnaround. This is one book that I know I need to reread soon. It also has a great message that teens need to take to heart.

Have you read any of these under-rated books? Let me know in the comments!

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