Monday, June 10, 2013

Book Blogger Confessions (12)~Why I Don't Do Book Blitz's

It's a little known fact that I don't like to do book blitz's on principle. Why is that, you may be wondering? Well, there are a couple reasons. I've literally only done a couple blitz's and it was kind of like that feeling after eating a whole tub of cookie dough: remorse, a sick feeling in my stomach and the debilitating after-effects that I was dreading. So here are a few reason why I don't do book blitz's and why I hate seeing them on other people's blogs.

  • They feel impersonal. If I want to let you know about a book, it will be because I've read it, and if I've read it, then you'll be seeing a review within at the most a month. That is my version of featuring the book.
  • They're fillers, plain and simple. Now, you may say, hey, these posts are fillers too. You're only partially right. I can't write reviews every day. They take more time than other posts (especially if I can't remember what happened in the book and have to go hunting for plot reminders). But at least these posts are informative. They give you true opinions of and insight into the blogger and aren't just something you cut and paste. With book blitz's, you never really learn anything new about the book that you couldn't already look up online, and the chances of this blogger actually reading the book they're featuring in the near future seem slim.
  • If someone fills their blog with a bunch of blitz posts, it shows me that they just want to keep posting about something to keep/gain followers, but because it's just literally cut and paste from the e-mail you receive, there's really no work involved. It may not be true, but it makes me think the blogger is either disinterested or lazy. I mean, we're all allowed to be lazy at some point in our blogging careers, but I'd rather not post than have to subject my readers to blitz's. If a book is awesome and I think you should read it, then I'll review it.
Okay, that was my little rant. I'm just so tired of seeing these posts. I feel like I haven't checked out some of my favorite blogs because they started posting more blitz's that I could care less about. I don't even click on the link to the post because I can see what book it is you're featuring and then just find it on Goodreads. Voila! I just found the exact same thing you were just posting about and didn't even need to read your post to know exactly what it said. Blog tours are different because it either involves an interview (which is definitely something you can't get on the Goodreads page) or a review of the book. It's a meaningful post that still features the book and the author, and it's something I actually want to read. Okay, now I'm really done ranting.

How do you feel about book blitz's? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I think they are OK if you are familiar with the author or series. Especially if it is a book you are looking forward to reading, but might not get to right away.

  2. i feel kind of meh about them, too. i think i did like one or two of them but stopped. like jasmyn said, if it's a book you're already excited about then it might be worth if for you to do. because then at least your enthusiasm is genuine. but yeah, i do tend to skip them esp if i start to see the same book pop up.


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