Thursday, May 2, 2013

Book Blogger Confessions (10): Book Judgement

It always seems like an exact science when it comes to buying a book, but there are really only a couple criteria, which is kind of sad but it's completely true. This entire post is restricted to only the books that I've read. Ready?


As readers and book bloggers, we like to say that we don't judge books by their covers, but we really do. Sometimes it's not a conscious decision, but we always judge every new book we find by their cover, even if it's deciding that we don't care about the cover. Here are some books with terrible covers that I ended up loving or at least liking a lot:

Now some gorgeous covers of books that were just eh or that I did not enjoy:

Fallen books 2, 3 and 4 (Torment, Passion, Rapture)

And some covers that were ugly as well as the book basically sucking or not meeting my expectations:

Finally, here are some beautiful covers of amazing books:


There are also a good amount of books that we decide to read because we've already read something by the author and so we know it's going to be amazing! Here's my auto-buy author list:

Stephanie Meyer
Courtney Allison Moulton
Rae Carson
Jennifer L. Armentrout
Richelle Mead
Becca Fitzpatrick
Jeri Smith-Ready
Tahereh Mafi
Veronica Roth

I'm hoping that this list will keep going! I would have put J.K. Rowling, but there was no way I was going to read Casual Vacancy. It sounded utterly boring compared to Harry Potter. But if she writes something else that's more my genre, I'll definitely give it a try!

What do YOU think about the judgement of books? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Ummm yes, I do judge books by their covers. I'm ashamed, but I do. I look at a cover and if it isn't appealing, I don't even look at the summery. For example, a week ago I checked out the cover for In the After and the cover wasn't that appealing, so I passed over it. Then, about a day or two ago, I was bored and I read the summery and was like "Wow, this book sounds freaking amazing!".
    And speaking of amazing books with not-so-great covers, I really loved Revolution and Slated

    Awesome post by the way. I really enjoyed reading it. We have kind of the same taste in books (we both hate Carrier of the Mark and the Fallen series lol. And I kind of didn't like Graceling either.)

    ~Emily@Emily's Crammed Bookshelf

  2. I can't believe you don't like the Shadow & Bone cover!! I love it cause it's so different from all the YA books out there and just by looking at the cover I can tell it's going to be fantasy! But I agree, I think Richelle Mead's books have some of the worst covers haha!

  3. I also loved Daughter of Smoke and Bone, it had to grow on me !

    I tell you those Girl In Pretty Dress covers will get you everytime. I had such high hopes for Fallen.

  4. I've only read one on your gorgeous covers you didn't enjoy list. I definitely judge books by their covers


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