Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Host Movie review + GIVEAWAY

So this past Thursday, I had the opportunity to see The Host at 9 PM with my dad while I was still in
Florida. I was really excited to see it because, while the trailer made it look epic, I had read the book and knew that there was a lot more that they were leaving out. We got to the theater about ten minutes before it started, and the theater was packed with tweens. I was a little annoyed by this only because they were so loud, even when the lights dimmed for the trailers. We saw trailers for City of Bones (the usual one that I've seen at least twenty times now) and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (also with Jake Abel), which looked awesome! Then the movie started and they quieted down more. Sadly, there was a row of ten or fifteen girls in front of us, and the girl sitting right in my line of vision kept turning and talking to her friends, so about halfway through the movie I leaned forward and asked them to please stop talking. Luckily, they didn't give me any sass (god, I feel like an old woman) and were quiet for the rest of the movie.

Honestly, this was as close as they were going to get. The book is so flippin' long, and so I was really happy when they didn't completely mess it up. There were some elements in the plot that were missing, as well as secondary characters that were more about character-building than plot. But onto the boys: there's not much I can say except that, even in the book, I never really fell in love with Jared. Ian was always the guy for me in this world. And Jake Abel was phenomenal at playing him. Max Irons also did a great job with playing Jared, but Ian has always had my heart. I don't really have many complaints, but I guess the first would be that I just didn't see Saoirse Ronan as Mel/Wanda. I actually think that she did a really good job, but she's just not who I pictured. I also wanted more time between Jamie and Wanda. I knew that Wanda loved Jamie because of what Mel was showing her, but we didn't get enough of them for me to see why Jamie loved Wanda.

But overall the acting was superb and the plot was as close to the book as we were going to get. I'm really proud that the production team seems to be taking better care of this Stephanie Meyer series than with Twilight. I need Stephanie Meyer to come out with the second book, because I really want to see these characters again!

I missed Walter! I know they had to cut a lot of things out, but that was a moment that showed the humanity of not just Wanda, but also Ian and many others that were helping Wanda. The grave scene is one of the parts that made me really fall in love with Ian. I also really wanted the line where Jake tells Wanda that he held her Soul in his hands and that she was beautiful. He holds the Seeker's Soul in his hands and looks at it wonderingly, but it's not Wanda's soul. I just wanted him to say the words. Also, the girl they picked to put Wanda's Soul in just looked weird... I think her eyes were too far apart or something. But I am glad they added the part at the end with finding the other Soul who was also protecting humans and that there are more humans out there. It gives hope for the next book/movie. I understand they had to leave Jodi out (Kyle's significant other who was captured and had a Soul put in her 5 years ago), but it was a moment where I actually felt bad for Kyle, and that doesn't happen in the movie.

So I had to buy a copy of The Host when I went to the event at The Grove. Sadly, it is not signed, but if you haven't read the book and are dying to see the movie, I thought I'd give away my move version copy. I took it on vacation with me to read it once, but otherwise it is in perfect condition. Check out my giveaway policy under the Policies tab near the top of the page. This giveaway will end May 2nd at midnight. Good luck!

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  1. I have yet to see the movie myself. I read the book a few years back, but the movie will most likely be a Redbox/Netflix type deal.

    ~Andrea @ Beauty but a Funny Girl

  2. I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm hoping to within the next week or so! I plan on reading the book afterwards. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. i agree that i loved ian much more than jared and that the girl they picked for wanda to live in at the end was weird looking!! i loved the book and thought the movie was pretty true to it but it was a hard book to make into a movie with wanda/melanie sharing a body. i think if you saw the movie and hadn't read the book you'd think it was really cheesy and stupid!

  4. I have not seen it, but I definitely want to soon!

  5. I have not seen it but plan on it as soon as I read the book.

  6. haven't seen it yet looks good! - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  7. I went to see it on Thursday night when it first came out! I haven't read the book yet, but I loved the movie!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  8. I'm seeing it this weekend, yay!! :D

  9. I have seen the movie and I really liked it, Max Irons was a really great Jared (can you say HOTTIE)


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