Friday, March 22, 2013

Forbidden Friday (31)~My Poison Pile (33) + On the Blog This Week (23) + Tip of the Week (18)

Forbidden Friday is a blog feature created here at The Reader's Antidote, with my two features My Poison Pile, On the Blog This Week and Tip of the Week!

My Poison Pile is a meme created here at The Reader's Antidote, which features my current read and the next four books that I'm going to read.

Altered (Altered #1) by Jennifer Rush

On the Blog This Week is pretty self-explanatory, but I just basically recap what's been happening on the blog this past week.





Tip of the Week is a feature where I endow some random tidbit of information onto you, whether it's with blogging, books, or life.
Don't forget about the people that love you. They're out there, and you might not be thinking about them all the time, but chances are they're thinking about you. You need to make time for the people that you love. I just said goodbye to a couple of German international students that I'm going to miss fiercely, but we all said that we'd see each other again as long as we made the effort to. And I plan on doing just that. What I'm saying is that you can't let one part of your life take over everything else. Their roommate started going out with a guy, and she's basically never at the apartment, which means they didn't get to spend barely any time with her before they left because she didn't care about anyone but herself. If I was there roommate, I would have at least tried to be there more the last week before finals. Like I said, just remember who's important to you and keep them as close to you as you can. My German girls, Ich liebe dich und werde dich vermissen.

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