Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite Romances

This week is our favorite romances! I had to dig pretty deep guys, mostly because I don't feel it's a true romance until the series has been finished. But I was able to scrounge up my favorite romances. These are mostly in order from my most favorite and then down.

Jace and Clary from The Mortal Instruments series
I have been in love with these two ever since the end of City of Bones. I won't spoil anything for anyone that hasn't read the series, but they really make each other better people by being together. And when it was forbidden, it was just killing them. This is my favorite romances of all time!
Will and Ellie from Angelfire trilogy
This couple is a close second to Jace and Clary. I have yet to finish this series because I just got the book in the mail yesterday, but they're perfect for each other. They would do anything for each other, and I hope everything turns out alright between them!
Hector and Elisa from The Crown of Embers
So I've only had a chance to see these two for one book, but as you can tell they've left a big impression on me. After what happened in Girl of Fire and Thorns, I thought Elisa was never going to come back romantically from that, but Carson was just so brilliant when it came to these two.
Dmitri and Rose from the Vampire Academy books
The Vampire Academy series, while it's one of my favorites ever, was so heartbreaking and heart-wrenching  that I was crying for most of the third, fourth, and fifth books. These two were always meant to be together, and although they went through a lot of hard times, I still loved their romance.
Patch and Nora from the Hush, Hush series
From the beginning of Hush, Hush, I loved Patch. But this series became a lot more about a hot guy. He and Nora became a couple to be reckoned with, and you could see how much they were willing to sacrifice for each other. I'm really sad that this series is over, but their romance ended perfectly.
Zachary and Aura from the Shade trilogy
Just like Patch, at first it was all about the love triangle, in which Zachary was a part of it, but in the final book, it really became all about how good Zachary and Aura were good for each other and how they could make the world better. I definitely miss these two.
Daemon and Katy from the Lux series
Another book where it was all about the hot guy. The hot alien guy. JLA really knows how to make her guys swoon-worthy, but in Opal, it was more about how strong they could be together. They help each other get through so much and have many more trials together that I know they'll get through.
Edward and Bella from the Twilight Saga
These two don't get the best reception, but I loved watching their romance. The way they meet and fall in love, how they're willing to make stupid and reckless decisions to keep each other safe. I hated the love triangle, but eventually, it came down to Edward and Bella and how perfect they were for each other.
Adam and Juliette from the Shatter Me books
Even after the ending of Unravel Me, I know that Adam and Juliette are meant to be together. They've gone through so much together, and I feel like nothing can tear them apart. Besides, they have some steamy moments, specifically the shower scene...
Adrian and Sydney from the Bloodlines series
I recently just started this series, and even though the first book didn't have much romance, the second one totally made up for it. Again, they both make each other better. I feel like this love is even more forbidden than most, but that's what makes it more fun. Actually, the third one is out today!

Are any of these one of your top couples? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love your top ten list! I love Jace and Clary, Dimitri and Rose, Patch and Nora, Daemon and Katy, and Adrian and Sydney :)

    Here's my Top 10 list:

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  2. nice list, nicole! i love rose and dmitri and patch and nora (though i kind of hated book 2). and syndney and adrian! dude, i can't wait to read book 2. more romance!


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