Friday, December 7, 2012

Forbidden Friday (23) ~ My Poison Pile (25) + On the Blog This Week (15) + Top of the Week (10)

Forbidden Friday is a blog feature created here at The Reader's Antidote, with my two features My Poison Pile and On the Blog This Week. In My Mailbox will now be in a separate post.

My Poison Pile is a meme created here at The Reader's Antidote, which features my current read and the next four books that I'm going to read.



On the Blog This Week is pretty self-explanatory, but I just basically recap what's been happening on the blog this past week.

Tip of the Week is a feature where I endow some random tidbit of information onto you, whether it's with blogging, books, or life.

If you're a serious blogger but you're in school, take the time to schedule your posts. It's been a life saver for me! In fact, I've scheduled this post, as well as all the ones from this week and the ones for next week. I knew I had finals coming up, so little by little I formatted my posts over a week early because I knew I'd get wrapped in studying. I also worried about not posting the days I want to, so this way I can have the post up when I want, but I don't have to actually be manually posting it at that time. Scheduling is such a beautiful tool, I don't know what I'd do without it during this week (which is apparently called Dead Week in college, due to all studying and lack of any parties) and the next week, which is finals week. So it'll seem like I'm there, but really I'm not. It's magic I tell you!

Also, please sign up for the Angelfire Read-Along and the End of the Series Reading Challenge! Both can be found along the top of the side bar, and I'd totally love you forever if you signed up for both <3

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