Monday, December 3, 2012

Angelfire Read-Along Week One: Chapters 1-8 Discussion Post + GIVEAWAY

Alright everyone, this is the first week of the Angelfire read-along! EEEEEEEP! Are you as excited as we are? I hope so! I've never actually re-read this series and I know Momo hasn't either so we're both excited to crawl back up into this world.  As a reminder, you can still sign up for this read-along until December 29th! Now, to business:

The chapters you need to read for this week are #1-8.

These will go by super fast, and don't feel like you need to stop. I know I couldn't when I was first reading this book.

The one thing about these first chapters that already had me connecting with the story is that I used to live in Michigan and I go back there every winter break and two weeks during the summer. I know exactly where all these places are and what they look like, so I fell into this story very quickly. I even read it while I was in Michigan after meeting Courtney! Just so you know, West Bloomfield is a really nice part of town, and Pontiac most definitely is not. But you'll kind of figure it out while reading these chapters.

Alright, here's the discussion question for this week:

How would you react if you got flashes of a life that wasn't your current one, but you knew you'd lived it?

Momo and I will let you know what our answers are to this question on the post on Friday. There will also be a trivia quiz to make sure you read the chapters and answering those will enter you into the giveaway that spans the entire read-along, which is a signed set of all the books! You will find that post on Momo's blog this week, which is Books Over Boys.

What we want YOU to do is to answer that question down below in the comments (not in the Rafflecoptor), and then you can be entered to win a pre-order of Shadows in the Silence, the final book in this epic trilogy! We don't need some complicated essay-like answer, but we want to be able to tell that you thought about it at least a little.

Here's that linky list again! In order to enter the giveaways, you must sign up! It's simple and super fast, and if you don't sign up and you're picked as a winner, then we'll have to disqualify you.

Here's the button to put on your blog for extra points!

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  1. Yay, I love that question!(: I can't wait to read everyone's responses! And double yay for the first eight chapters! <3333 Woot, happy reading everyone!

  2. I would be happy because I would know about my past.

  3. So I am only about 2 or 3 chapters in but I know where this is coming from. Hmm, I am not sure how I would react. I guess I would be freaked out at first but it would also be kind of interesting to know that I had lived a whole other life and that I might live another one after I died.

  4. I would love to know my past even though it would feel wierd seeing it in my dreams and all. I wouldnt mind to see things that i've done in the past.

  5. Honestly, it'd be freaky. Seriously freaky. Freaky worthy of mental-hospital-commitment. It'd be a bit epic to see yourself in a badass fight and winning, but what about watching yourself die? That, my friend, would suck. A lot.

    Conclusion? I'd be very bewildered and confused. And downright terrified if I had to watch myself get killed. But it'd be cool to do have some actual experiences embedded into yourself without actually experiencing them and just feeling absolutely epic.

    My Week 1 Read-along post

  6. First, I wouldn't believe it at all. I would be like Ellie, and just write them off as some super intense nightmares. But after a while, I would start to think about them being real, because really, anything can be possible, right? But I don't think I would fully believe they were real unless I had someone like Will to help me through all the new memories and information.

  7. I probably wouldn't believe it at first...and over time I might start doing research to see if the things in my dreams match up with things that historically happened...

  8. I believe in both evil and good, but I don't think one person can be completely evil or good. It would be too boring not to have a bit of a dark side.

  9. I think I'd try to learn more about that life and to figure out why I can see those flashes.

  10. It would definatley be confusing...but exciting at the same time.
    Confusing because it would make you question your faith, well mine anyway about heaven...but I have always been excited about the past!


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