Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Harry Potter Week: The Movies

Can you remember that feeling of waiting as a child for the next Harry Potter movie? As an adult, I realize how well done they are. There were some things that they skipped over, but considering the books are so large, it makes complete sense. Not only did I grow up reading the books around the same age as the characters, but most people my age got to grow up with the actors that played the characters in the movies.

To me, these movies were truly magical. They brought one of my favorite series of books to the screen where I could live out the words on the page. The sad thing is that only person that I knew that had read the books was my dad. And while I love my dad, it would have been nice if some of my peers had read the books so that we could compare the two modes of creativity against each other in the way younger children tend to brutally do. But watching these movies made me wish even more than Hogwarts was real. And if not Hogwarts, at least magic. I wanted billions of letters to fly in magically through the chimney. I wanted (and still want) to be able to fly on a broomstick. These movies made such an impact on young children and there's no way that they didn't somehow shape this generation that grew up with the books and the movies where the characters are around the same age. I'm a total Harry Potter nerd, but it's accepted by most people. Not only did the Harry Potter movies make magic even more cool, but it also made reading cool because people wanted to know what would happen before the next movie came out. I also think that making Rowling's novels into such visual masterpieces gave other writers the inspiration to keep writing, thinking: one day, that could my book up on that screen one day. I know those were my thoughts.

I wasn't always happy with the movies, but I honestly believe they did the best they could with trying to transition such a ground-breaking book series into film.

What do you guys think of the movies? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Mmm, I feel like a bad fan - I haven't seen the 6th or 7th book movies! Oops. I do remember being very excited for the other ones, though, and I have vivid memories of seeing each one in the movie theater with friends. It was always a magical time :)
    I think for the most part they did a great job with casting.



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