Thursday, October 11, 2012

Book Blogger Confessions (5): Ideal Author Event

So I myself have never had the perfect author event. I've had one thing or the other or two out of three, but never all of it. Now that I haven't been able to go to any author events since I moved up to college, I've been having withdraws and I'm digging up old memories. Here's the perfect author event for me:

First off, they have to be authors I've either met multiple times before, or I'm in love with their books.


I've been asked to be the designated blogger for a Fierce Reads event, and so I got to interview the authors before the event. I'd love to do that with authors that I've met before so that I can ask serious questions, but also have lots of fun. It's better than asking questions during the event, because you get a more one-on-one experience and I got to post everything on my blog. Also, there were cookies and water before, so I wouldn't mind that either!


There's not much during the event that could be better than stimulating conversation and hilarious commentary. The authors should be close with each other, but they should also be willing to open up their friendship circle to the audience. Some of the best events I've been to have turned out this way. Like I said, it helps if the authors already know each and that I know them as well. I feel like I'm even more included in everything. It also helps if their next book came out since I saw them last, so I can tell them how awesome it is.


I always try to wait until the end of a signing so that I can chat with the authors more privately. I've also stayed late to have dinner with the authors. This has happened twice; once in Michigan where I had dinner with Courtney Allison Moulton, Aimee Carter, Veronica Roth, Josephine Angelini, Aprilynne Pike, and Ellen Schreiber; the second time was here in California where I had dinner with Tahereh Mafi, Anna Carey, Lauren Kate, and Lissa Price. This is when you really get to know the authors, and when you're trying to be one like I am, that's pretty awesome. I still talk with them from time to time, although I wish I lived closer so that we could find a day to get coffee or something.

What's your guys' ideal author event? Let me know in the comments!

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