Thursday, September 20, 2012

School's Starting! (AKA Non-Posting Days + Forbidden Friday Changes)

This is something I never wanted to have to post about, much less do. But I figure I should give you warning.

First up on the agenda is about days I'm not posting. Now that I'm starting up at UCSB (that's in Santa Barbara, California for those of you who don't know), I will have more free time now that I won't have to drive half an hour to class and I'll have one less class, but that "free time" will be spent studying, reading, and meeting new people. My blog is very important to me, but I also need to be social and do well in school. So far, the only day that I'm not posting is Sunday, which I've decided to start already. I just get the feeling it'll be easier for me knowing that I won't have to post anything at least one day a week. It will probably turn into more, but I'm going to try and prepare myself and write up posts like Top Ten Tuesdays and Building My Bookshelf and schedule them.

Now, for my Forbidden Friday post, I'll be changing that up a little. I want to mostly keep my address at my parents house because I don't want things to get lost and complicated at the school post office. But that also means that I'll only be doing IMM posts when I'm able to get back to my house, and I have no idea how often I'm going to come back. In fact, I'll probably ask my parents to tell me when things come in. I'm not getting much right now as it is, but I still want to make posts for you about the books I get. That being said, I will still be doing my Forbidden Friday post almost every week, just without the IMM feature in it. I'll post my hopefully monthly IMM on any day that I can.

I'm moving up to my apartment this Saturday, so wish me luck!

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  1. good luck with the move, nicole! you're going to have a great time up there. hopefully i will see you soon though. :)


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