Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Book Blogger Confessions (4): Why I Have My Blog Set Up the Way It Is

The One Sidebar Issue: 

I've had some people tell me that they like the two sidebars better than one, but I disagree. I don't want it to be about all the little gadgets you can put on the side. They're fun to look at, and fun to click (you should try some of them out!), but they're not the main reason I built this blog. I built this blog to share reviews on books, YA book news, and now I have giveaways too! I have the sidebar there because you need easy links to things and sometimes I need to be reminded of giveaways on other people's blogs or even my own giveaways. I like the one sidebar because honestly I would never find enough to fill out two sidebars worth of stuff. So, as of now, I'm sticking with the one sidebar.

What I Have On My Sidebar and Why I Need It: 

The about me: I recently changed it to the Blogger version of this instead of my own text, and I like this better. I feel like the first thing people should know about this blog is that I created it. I want you to know who the maker of this place was.

Media places where you can find me: This is kind of part of the about me thing, so that we can connect in all different places!

Search this blog: Sometimes even I use this to find certain posts on my blog, but I know people that are looking for a certain things on my blog and I don't want you to have to go through every post.

The giveaways: I have a lot more giveaways now going on, and it actually helps me remember what giveaways are still going on. Obviously it also helps you guys find them when you're visiting my blog and hopefully you've entered them.

Follow by e-mail: I actually had someone comment and ask me to put this up, so that they can know when I put new posts up. Which was awesome for me, because it meant that someone actually wanted to be notified of my posts!

Current poison and upcoming antidotes: Just for you guys to know, and also for me keep track of. Sometimes I forget what book I have to review next!

Have a question: In case anyone wants me to answer a burning question, I've put this picture with a link to the Google form where you can ask me.

My blog button and giveaway button: I may get rid of the giveaway button, but if you like my blog, I want other people to be able to see that on your own blog! It can also help you get points in most of my giveaways.

Basic book ratings: I have a tab with these ratings in greater detail, but this way, you get the gist of what I believe these ratings mean and therefore more information on how I feel about a book.

Goodreads reading challenge: That's pretty much all for you guys to check out my progress, since I can see the same thing on my Goodreads main page.

GFC followers and Networked blogs: Kind of self-explanatory, but it helps publishers or authors who want to know my follower count when they check out my blog.

Blog tours: Just to let you guys know what blog tours I have coming up.

Past antidotes: This is almost obsolete with the search bar, but in case you want to know what I was up to in September of 2011 or March of 2012.

My blogoversary: Also has multiple purposes for you and I. This way, I know exactly when it is, and so do you!

Total page views: This is solely for you guys and publishers, since I can see my own stats any time I want.

Blog roll: This is for you guys to see what blogs I love and pay them a visit!

Favorite poisons: This is just something fun I did. It shows you guys the books I love, and I get to look at the cool banners of books I've enjoyed.

Book countdowns: To show the books I'm excited for, and when they come out.

Other blog giveaways: For me, and for you. I get extra points for putting it there and reminding myself to go back and tweet some more for points, and you guys get to check out awesome giveaways!

Pages: I just added this. Instead of going all the way back up to the top to go to a page, you just have to click on these.

Team buttons: Just like the book banners, this is for fun. Just so you know where I stand.

Why I Made My Own Page Tabs: 

I feel like Blogger needs to get a bit more creative with their page buttons, and so I made my own. I've gone through a few different background pictures, tab separators and funky fonts, but I'm pretty happy with creating my own. I love making things unique on my blog, which is why I was originally using different pictures for my blog features. But too much drama has been going on in the blogging world, and so I decided to make my own kind of picture for that as well. 

Personalized Memes:

These give my blog the feel of being unique, and I pride myself in that. Some of them have stemmed off of memes from other people's blogs, but ultimately they're my own creation. I know other people don't use them, and I also know that using the more famous ones where you can link up the posts will get more traffic on the blog. But that doesn't matter as much to me anymore. I still participate in blog tours and IMM and Top Ten Tuesday, but I love what I do with my own bloggety features.

Well, that's pretty much all I can think of!

Do you like or hate my blog setup? Let me know in the comments!


  1. i totally prefer one sidebar, too. 2 is a little much for me unless there is only like one thing on one side and the rest on the other. i hate blogs that seem like they are all sidebar. and i like your blog layout just fine. :) except for word verification which i am going to do right now...

  2. wha??? no verification? i love you more now.


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