Monday, April 2, 2012

March Wrap-Up Post

Well, a lot happened on the blog this month. First, I'll start with earlier in the month. I got two e-mails almost in the same day about receiving review copies of two different books and having giveaways (both e-mails were from separate media companies). So that really excited me because, while I already had an ARC of The Immortal Rules, I really wanted to give away a copy to someone, and I've been wanting to read The Savage Grace as well. So a special thanks to the media companies that e-mailed me. I, and my followers, love you!

Another e-mail I received this month was from Macmillan. I've tried requesting titles from them, to no avail, but this e-mail was about their Fierce Reads tour, a stop of which is coming near me (check my Signings page for all the event and author details). And I was asked to be the designated blogger for the tour stop! Yes, The Reader's Antidote is the official YA blog for this tour stop!! You can imagine my utter excitement. I will give more on this later as soon as I get the full details. The signing is in June, so there's plenty of time to figure it out. Also, this benefits you guys not just because of a special Q&A with the authors, but I'm also being given copies of ALL the author's books to give away (i.e. they'll be signed)! So look for all that around June. I'll be posting even more about this event and it's awesomeness closer to the date.

Now, onto the basic blog goings-on:


Pandemonium (Delirium #2) by Lauren Oliver

Balthazar (Evernight) by Claudia Gray

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden #1) by Julie Kagawa


And on top of everything, I have a new blog layout! I changed the header, made my own page tabs, became a pro at html... and added a couple new buttons (Signing Event Recap & Book-to-Movie Review)! Check it out:

I also finally came up with my own rating system (meaning I now use icons instead of numbers). Here they are:

Also, I finally found a way to do my .5 ratings with these new icons (like 2.5, 3.5, 4.5), which is by doing this:

And I have a new blog button. My old one had way too much going on, and besides I changed the header, which is what my button used to be of. 

I also tweaked my giveaway button, but you can just see that on the side.

I've already asked this a couple times, but what do you guys think? Was it a change for the better (those of you that remember what the old one was like)? Let me know in the comments!  

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  1. wow you read so many books last month and reviews them, too. i am in awe. and congrats on being the official blogger for the fierce reads tour. that's so cool. i think i am going to try to make that event even though it's on yet another weekday far away. hopefully i can make it though. and yay for half ratings. i don't have them either but sometimes i really wish i did. maybe one day. :)


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