Saturday, February 25, 2012

Breathless Reads event at Once Upon a Time bookstore: recap

If I've learned anything from last Friday when it took me over 2 hours to drive to a signing, it's to not, under any circumstances, drive far for a signing on Fridays in the middle of the afternoon in LA. Today, I broke that promise. But it was for a good cause. Before the Breathless Reads stop at 7, I drove through horrible traffic and disgusting LA air to Mrs. Nelson's Toy and Book Shop, where I got there for the tail end of the questions for the wonderful debut author Marissa Meyer (you may know her from my infamous Cinder Sunday).

Since I'd already had a blogger friend send me a signed hardback of Cinder, I got my audiobook signed instead!


I also told Marissa about the Breathless Reads signing, and lo and behold, she showed up! She even asked a question, and Beth Revis said that her favorite read so far this year has been Cinder. The blushing was abundant.

These four ladies made it one of the best events I've ever been to. You could tell how much they'd bonded over the trip (I loved how we were the final stop of the tour and could see how wild and crazy all the traveling had made them). The name of the moderator slips my mind, but I believe she was an adult author. Anyways, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a book signing. Beth and Andrea were like best friends/sisters and Beth is simply hilarious! Something about that Southern humor. Basically they all talked about their books and answered some of the mod's questions, and then it was opened up to audience questions. Definitely a night to remember!

My wonderful and understanding boyfriend took this picture and even got me the third spot in the signing line (you wouldn't believe the amount of people in this tiny little Indie store!). Also, as a random side note, not only did Marissa Meyer make an appearance, but so did Tahereh Mafi, author of Shatter Me! I'm going to a signing of hers in April and I think we sealed the dinner plans at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. She lives in California and hasn't had RCW *shakes head*. Oh Tahereh.

For the signing, everyone that wanted books signed had to buy a book, and when you got a book you received this lanyard. I felt so official wearing it around my neck. Every tour should have one of these! There's also a unique code on the back that I can enter and apparently it's for some big contest. Wonder what it is.

I already have the first two signed from a previous event in Oceanside last year with Kiersten White and Stephanie Perkins. It was great seeing Andrea again.

I absolutely LOVED Born Wicked, and Jessica is just so sweet. Her dress was really cute. Such a tiny signature though... *strains eyes on screen* Oh, wait, I have the signed book.

A few months ago, I entered a creative contest on Beth's website, and she sent everyone that entered some swag and this book plate that you see above. I had no idea she would be coming out here, so I slapped it on... and now I can't get it off. She obliged me though by signing around it.

I also got my ARC of Legend signed, which I will be giving away in a different giveaway hop next month. I was glad I was finally able to meet Marie Lu, as I missed her launch party due to my boyfriend's birthday.

I met up with a few fellow bloggers, and was even more surprised by meeting a follower of my blog at the signing. Her name is Ava (I hope I spelled your name right!). She was super sweet and even gave me a Bloodlines tote bag!

Thanks so much Ava! I'm definitely taking this puppy to ALA to fill with books!!

Well, I'm exhausted! Hopefully this post made sense, as I'm delirious and half-awake from all the stupid traffic on the way there. I think if there had been traffic on the way back, I would have run everyone off the road.


  1. oh lucky you! And this reminds me I still have to read Across the Universe O_O

  2. Hi, Nicole! I've given you the 'Lovely Blog' award! :) See here:

  3. Wish we could have been there. We had a ton of fun at Passion & Prose though today. SO worth it. Also, if it is the awesome Ava I'm thinking of... (hi Ava), then yes, it's Ava. She's going to be our teen correspondent for Authors are ROCKSTARS! :) Isn't she a sweetie?

    1. She IS so sweet! I felt established meeting someone so nice that reads my blog :D

    2. Oh shucks, you guys! You ought to stop this...I'm feeling mighty famous from your mentions and that may go to my head. ;)

      Nicole, it was so great meeting you in person - your blog is one of my favorites! Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. awesome recap. it was nice sort of meeting you at breathless (was the person behind you who also had gone to the cinder signing). we stuck around for awhile since we were in the middle of the line. yay for boyfriends getting you a good spot in line. and omg please document dinner at roscoes. i can't believe teheri hasn't been there. it's so yummy! well i am sure i'll run into you again at some point. enjoy your breathless books!

  5. Wow you're so lucky ! Seems like you had a really good time !
    There is few americans authors coming here in France :( I wish we had more of these book signings !


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