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Angel Fire (Angel #2) by L.A. Weatherly: review

Goodreads rating: 4.29
Hardcover, 636 pages
Published January 24th 2012 by Candlewick Press (first published October 1st 2011)
Series: Angel #2
In Book Two of L. A. Weatherly’s wildly romantic, action-packed trilogy, the angels are back with a vengeance . . . and they don’t have heaven in mind.

In the wake of the Second Wave, the angel menace has exploded, and Alex and Willow are on the lam. Willow’s prophetic dream points them to Mexico City, where they connect with a fledgling group of angel killers led by the exotically beautiful Kara, an Angel Killer from Alex’s past. But the team remains suspicious of Willow, even after the more-experienced Alex takes over as leader, training them hard for a rush attack on the Seraphic Council, or “The Twelve.” This elite group of all-powerful angels is also under the scrutiny of Willow’s angel-father, Raziel, who has his own sinister plan to defeat them.

What Willow hasn’t told Alex is that there was also a mysterious boy in her dream, one she felt overpoweringly attracted to. When brooding, gorgeous Seb shows up in the flesh, he turns out to be another—possibly the world’s only other—half angel. He’s been searching for Willow all his life, and when Alex enlists this rival to help keep Willow safe, he can’t predict what chemistry will pass between them . . . or how far Willow might go to keep Alex safe. Will their love endure or spell doomsday for the human race?


I recently enjoyed the first book in the series, Angel Burn. This series is so unique to me, and Angel Fire, while having the same characters as the first book, is completely different. This one takes place in Mexico, where the angels have even more control than they do in the US. Willow has a dream where twelve powerful angels show up in Mexico City, as well as a boy that she has a sudden unavoidable attraction to. A boy she hasn’t even met yet. A boy who isn’t Alex.

There was so much sexual tension in this book, I can’t even give it justice. Seb and Willow had an obvious connection, being the only two known half-angels on the entire planet. Seb has been searching for Willow for his whole life. So when Willow’s dream (which he got a glimpse of before they met) comes to fruition and she feels something for this Seb, things get complicated. On top of that, when Willow and Alex find other Angel Killers, Alex gets reacquainted with Kara, his old crush and first kiss. If you’re not intrigued by now, there’s more.

Willows father, a totally evil angel, has made a mental connection with Willow. Willow’s angel knows that something’s wrong, but neither of them know what. And Willow, being stupid of course, feels like she can’t tell Alex because she doesn’t want to burden him with “angel” things. What she’s really doing is pushing him away, while her angelic connection with Seb grows. All through this, the Angel Killers find out that the twelve angels Willow saw in her dream are real and the most powerful of them all. If you kill them, there’s a good chance that all of the other angels on Earth will die as well. They’re not going to pass up an opportunity like that. It sounds pretty straight forward, but nothing happened the way anyone thought it would. There were so many twists in the plot!

This novel was very exciting for me. I really enjoyed Angel Burn because it was something so different from other YA. Even Angel Fire was different from such a unique first novel. This book was gigantic page-wise, so it had to be put down at some point, but even as I was rushing through it, I dreaded the ending. Not everything turns out like you would expect. I can’t wait to see where Weatherly takes us in Angel Fever. Also, I bet the cover is going to be awesomesauce!

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  1. i thought this book would sucks but it was really good man i can't stop reading. i can't put this book down once i have read three pages and this book is not boring at all full of events and conflicts


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