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Angel Burn (Angel #1) by L.A. Weatherly: review

Goodreads rating: 4.04
Hardcover, 449 pages
Published May 24th 2011 by Candlewick Press
Series: Angel #1
They're out for your soul.
And they don't have heaven in mind...

Willow knows she's different from other girls, and not just because she loves tinkering with cars. Willow has a gift. She can look into the future and know people's dreams and hopes, their sorrows and regrets, just by touching them. she has no idea where this power comes from. But the assassin, Alex, does. Gorgeous, mysterious Alex knows more about Willow than Willow herself does. He knows that her powers link to dark and dangerous forces and that he's one of the few humans left who can fight them. When Alex finds himself falling in love with his sworn enemy, he discovers that nothing is as it seems, least of all good and evil.


I was a little unsure starting this one. I’d read a few reviews where people mentioned putting the book down after the first few chapters. But after reading it, I couldn’t understand why. It’s like Alex Rider mixed with angels. Evil angels, by the way. I’m always interested in how an author spins angel books. There’s so many about angels being good, and I loved the fact that here angels were more like demons. They feed off of humans because their own world is slowly deteriorating. Also the thing I really liked about this one is that there aren’t a lot of half-angel-half-human beings walking around. As far as we know, it’s just Willow. And Alex, an AK (Angel Killer) CIA teenager, has been contracted to kill her. The problem: Willow doesn’t have a halo, the heart of an angel. So what can Alex do but follow her to figure out what the heck she is.

I really enjoyed the whole road trip idea. Okay maybe road trip isn’t the right word, but I can totally see Willow and Alex’s escape from the bad angels as an awesome movie plot. What girl wouldn’t want to go on a cross-country trip with a hot badass spy? Yeah, I thought so. It was interesting to me how Willow began to accept and even love the angel part of her when Alex decided he could do those things too. In the beginning, Alex pretty much hates anything to do with angels because they killed his family off one by one. That’s why he’s so cold to Willow at first, because even though half of her is human, she still has that half of her that’s the monster that killed everyone he’s ever loved.

I think the only thing here that sort of threw me off was how quickly they were basically saying “I love you.” In a way, I understand it. They’ve been through a lot together, but I don’t understand why they’re so attracted to each other to the point that by the end of the book they’re already saying “I love you” out loud to each other. Before that though, there were pages upon pages of scandalous sexual tension, and I knew they were eventually going to get together, but I love watching people get past their differences to realize how they feel about each other.

An interesting read, and if you’re into angel books or like to see angels as the bad guys instead of the good guys, then I recommend this one. It’s filled with spy adventure, a few slow parts with sexual tension, but overall a very enjoyable book.


  1. I loved this book! I also enjoyed reading about angels being the bad guys - although since reading this one I have read loads more books about bad angels - it seems to be gaining in popularity!

    I loved Angel Fire even more though so I hope you get to read that one soon too :)

  2. I've only read one Angel Book (Unearthly) but this one sounds like it would be a good one to branch out my experience with the Angels! I like the idea that their runaway could make a good movie plot! It's always good when you can see a book so vividly like that :)

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

  3. This is a great review, I totally agree! I loved the idea of bad angels, opposed to them always being the good guys.

    I was pretty annoyed by their clingy-ness towards the end of the novel.

    Thank you for stopping by at my blog! (:

  4. Though the ending made me very angry, i loved this book so much! Cassie had me hooked from the very first page so much that I literally couldn't put it down! This is one of my favorite series.

  5. I was one of those who put it down after a chapter. Just couldn't get into it.

  6. God, I hate when people fall in love at first sight and think that's real. Ugh! Anyway, I won a free copy of this, so I'll be reading it at some point. Hope I like it!

  7. I'm really hoping that this book and the sequel, Angel Fire, are good. I just got them both for review last week!! Thanks for the review!

  8. Read it too. Love your review. I was one of those that was going to just stop reading it in the begging. But as soon as they meet everything picks up & I read it in two days. About the "I love you"s I was thinking the same thing. That also threw me off. I knew they had an intense attraction to each other and knew they would end up together, after one of them almost dies, of course. Love this book and starting the second one.



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