Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Aiden's Angels super sekrit project

Have you guys read Between (Between #1) by Cyndi Tefft? Sadly, I haven't either, though I did just buy it for my Kindle! What I hear is that there's a hot Scotsman and really that's all you need to know. And what is this super sekrit project you may ask? Well, Cyndi is here to tell you:
Our very own Lindsay Cox (violethourBR) has made a team logo for us out of red ink, white clouds and angel dust. It's so beautiful, you should be careful when looking directly at it.   Okay, well that might be a bit much, but I love love love the logo and wish I could adorn everything in my house with it.

Lindsay has put the Aiden's Angels logo on merchandise available here: http://www.cafepress.com/theviolethour

So now you can have Aiden with you when you sip your coffee, snuggle up with your fave eReader, slam back a shot of whisky, or sliding down your chest as you're getting dressed in the morning.

Okay, I'll wait while you day dream about that last one...


*checks watch*

*shakes you*

We're keeping prices rock bottom so everyone can enjoy Aiden's Angel goodies, so the prices listed are the minimum set by CafePress. Neither Lindsay nor I are getting any commissions on this. We just want to give you more ways to declare your love of the dimpled Scotsman.
So, if you haven't bought Between yet, find the link labeled Kindle and you can get it on Amazon for only $0.99!! It's impossible to pass up! Check out the awesome goodies website too, there's some pretty great stuff for sale :)

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