Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Harper Imprint Challenge

This is a challenge hosted by Starry Sky Books, and you have the whole month of January to read from 1-12 Harper Collins titles!

I mean, really, all YA reader's have at least one Harper Teen title on their shelves, or else there's something wrong with you.

From the host's blog:

For those of you that have no idea what this challenge is, it's pretty much a challenge to read as many books from the HarperCollins imprints that publish YA books: Harper Teen, Greenwillow, Katherine Tegen Books, and Balzer + Bray... Here is the breakdown of the challenge:
  • Open to anyone, whether you blog or not
  • Books started before January 1 do not count - and we're going on the honor system with this!
  • Audio books and ebooks do count of course
  • Your books can be crossovers with other challenges
  • Sign-ups will stay open through January 7
  • Choose a challenge level and make an intro post with a link back to this post!
Here are the challenge levels, make sure you choose one that you think is realistic for you.
  • Easy: 1-4 books
  • Medium: 5-8 books (this will be my choice, unless I'm somehow able to read more)
  • Hard: 9-12 books
Here's a schedule of events that will be happening throughout the month (more may be added).
  • January 1: Event starts! Review link-up for the first week posted.
  • January 4: First 24 hour Harper book giveaway!
  • January 8: Review link-up for the second week goes up.
  • January 11: Second 24 hour Harper book giveaway.
  • January 15: Harper Imprint Challenge Readathon! Starts at 9am Pacific time and lasts for 24 hours; Review link-up for the third week
  • January 18: Third 24 hour Harper book giveaway.
  • January 22: Review Link-up for the last week, including the 29th through the 31st
  • January 25: Last 24 hour Harper book giveaway!
  • January 31: - Last day of the challenge!
On February 1st there will be one final giveaway for those who participated and do a wrap up post of your accomplishments.

What a great way to start 2012! If anyone has any questions, email the host at: pandaris@gmail.com.

Here's what I have hanging out on my shelves:

PLUS these books that I have on my wishlist from Harper Teen released in January:

**I'll probably be reading these before I get into the others


  1. Very cool. I have to check those books out soon! Great feature! Awesome idea! Thank you for sharing!


  2. I love that you have a picture of what you plan on reading! Rampant will most likely be on my pile as well since I have it. And I loved Hereafter, I hope you enjoy it. Happy reading in January! :D

  3. Thanks Sam!

    Chelsey, I was just bored so I figured I'd find all the HarperTeen books I hadn't read (which is very few at this point) and post up a picture! I can't wait to read Hereafter!


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