Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lauren Oliver signing in Huntington Beach recap

Last night I had the greatest pleasure of meeting Lauren Oliver, the wonderful author of Before I Fall, Delirium, and her newest middle grade novel Liesl and Po. She is seriously just the cutest. And so tall! You can tell she used to dance ballet, because she totally has the dancer's body. She is also quite hilarious. Here are a few snap shots I took of her while she was presenting:

Lauren showed us the final cover art of Liesl and Po and it's just breathtaking. If you don't own a copy already (seriously, what's wrong with you) or if you have an ARC like I do, take a gander at your local bookstore and check out what's under the cover jacket.

She read the beginning of it for us and it sounds very interesting. When she was looking for another section to read, she got off on a random tangent and never ended up reading it! Attention span? What attention span?

Then she decided to talk about the artwork in Liesl and Po. She explained that since she's such a control freak, she sent a couple of her own drawings to the artist. I made the pictures bigger so hopefully you can kind of see them. They're pretty good... (*cough* *cough*)

Okay, they're better than I can do.

And being the lovely person she is, she let me take a picture with her... not really sure what I'm doing with my hand here... surprise attack!

Then she signed my books! Sigh...

On my copy of Delirium she started writing a fellow blogger's name who I had already gotten a copy signed for, and so she drew a face around it, making the name look like a unibrow. And she said: "This is what I look like when I don't wax." Love her!

Before I Fall was the first book I read from Lauren, so I was glad that she wrote that she loves fans like me. Because I love writers like her!

My ARC of Liesl and Po was already signed (I won it from a fellow blogger), but she forgot and tried to sign it again. Notice the tactical "eep" next to the looping L and just above the title.

And finally I had her sign her story in Dear Bully, which is one of my tour stops this month.

Just so we're clear: Lauren Oliver called me adorable, pretty, and nice... She probably says that to all of her fans but frankly I could care less! Woohoo!!

Now you can hear Lauren Oliver speak for yourselves in these videos below!

First, she talked about where Before I Fall came from and what she was trying to convey.

 Then she talked about Delirium. I can't remember if she mentions it in the video, but she was telling us how her editor was saying great job, dystopian is so hot right now. And she was like, okay it wasn't really meant to be a dystopian but whatever. I have so much more respect for her now - that she wasn't just following the crowd, because it's supposed to be an alternate history, not a dystopian. Get it right people!

Finally, she talks about Liesl and Po and how deeply the sudden death of her best friend influenced her, especially the very beginning where it's so dark.

Have you been assaulted with enough pictures and videos yet? Admit it, you like it.

This was one signing I was really looking forward to and I'm so happy that I was able to go. My parents are so supportive as I suck up all this gas money. Luckily, the 405 has a carpool lane and my oh-so-willing boyfriend traveled down there with me. Whoever invented carpool lanes deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. I'll be heading back down to Huntington Beach for the Dark Days tour stop with Claudia Gray, Kiersten White, Amy Garvey, and Anna Carey, and a Laini Taylor signing. Check out my signings page if you're interested! And tomorrow will be my stop on the Silent tour, with authors Becca Fitzpatrick, Moira Young and Elizabeth Miles at Once Upon a Time in Montrose. This month is already so crazy and it's only the 5th! But SO worth it. All of these signings so far have been totally amazing in their own awesome ways.


  1. This looks like it was so much fun!! Jelly!! THAT FIRST ONE WAS FOR ME :) Yayyyyy!!!! I'm jealous, she's going to be in Oakland tomorrow and I'm not gonna get to go :( Looks like you had tons of fun!!

  2. It WAS for you! lol so funny... I'm sorry you can't go to the one in Oakland :( but at least I took some video and you get a signed book lol

  3. Were you the one with the bag of books, like at the beginning? :) I was there and I think I saw you! That's so funny that I'm following your blog and we were at the same signing.

    Great pictures, unfortunately I was in the back and didn't get any.

    Ooh I will also be at the Dark Days and Laini Taylor signings. Should be fun! :D I don't have a blog (yet) but it's nice to see book bloggers out and about!

  4. Lol I would be known as the one with the bag of books :D Yeah I was the first person in line. We'll have to meet up for the Dark Days one!


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