Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In My Mailbox (12)

Ok I'm seriously trying to get together that awesomesauce giveaway I was telling you guys about, but I think I'll wait until my swag giveaway is over, which isn't until the end of the month. So it will happen, but it will be sometime next week instead!

In My Mailbox is a meme hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren, where you create a post of the books you either received in the mail, bought at a bookstore, or borrowed from the library. If you'd like to know my thoughts about IMM, check out the link near the top of my blog called In My Mailbox. Simple, right? Anyway, onto the books!

NOTE: If you're unfamiliar with how I do things with my IMM, I basically give a little back story to the books I have pictured. Also, if there are ARC's, I'll give a synopsis and date published.

~A Need So Beautiful by Suzanne Young: I won this over at Tera Lynn Child's blog, and it's signed!! She even sent me some of her own swag of Sweet Venom, which I haven't bought yet and can't wait to read! I will likely be reviewing this one, and it sounds really amazing!

~Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl: I literally just got this package of books TODAY from Amazon and I came back from a signing with these two authors literally an hour ago. Luckily, it came today and I was able to get it signed. I'll be posting a recap of that signing as soon as I finished the others. I'll likely be reviewing this one.

~Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon: Seriously, coolest-feeling cover ever! I can't quite place it, but I feel like it's falling off in my fingers. And I'm not sure if that a bad thing. I believe my father is commandeering this one for a Christmas/birthday gift, but once I get it back I'll likely be reviewing it.

~Birthmarked by Caragh M. O'Brien: I received an e-ARC of Prized, the second book in this series, so I knew I should buy the first. Again, this one is being commandeered which is slightly disappointing but as long as I get to keep it, I'm not complaining. I may be reviewing this one.

Tune in next week for In My Mailbox (13)! And don't forget to check out the swag giveaway that's going on until the end of October (to which I've already added even more goodies to)!


  1. I need to go out and get my copy of A Need so Beautiful already. I'm going to a book signing with Suzanne Weyn and Stacey Jay and I haven't read either of their books >:( I suck.

  2. I've read Suzanne Weyn, and she's alright. I'm not sure about Stacey Jay.

  3. I finished Beautiful Chaos a few days ago, wonderful!
    Awesome haul!
    MY IMM:http://mochalattereads.blogspot.com/2011/10/in-my-mailbox31.html
    Hope you're having an excellent weekend!
    -Wendy from A Cupcake and a Latte: YA Reviews

  4. I just went to a signing with the two authors of the Beautiful Creatures series, so I can't wait to start this one.

    I'm always so jealous of the books you get in your mailbox Wendy. Mine doesn't even compare lol!

  5. Awesome books, I need to reed birthmarked soon, I've had it forever.

  6. I'm curious about Birthmarked as well everyone seems to have really enjoyed it.

    Xpresso Reads

  7. Hmm I'll have to bump it up on my TBR list then!


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