Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dark Days Fall Tour: Huntington Beach recap

I always love these things! You meet the coolest people. Who would have thought that I'd meet two other people that used to live in Michigan? And all four of these ladies (Kiersten White, Claudia Gray, Anna Carey, Amy Garvey) were so wonderful. I loved their books and their answers to our questions tonight. It was 2 1/2 hours of hell to get down there, but ultimately it was worth it!

Kiersten is still just as funny as she was at her launch party with Andrea Cremer and Stephanie Perkins. And so short! Her and Claudia were practically line-dancing in front of the table!

 Claudia was a pleasant surprise and I loved her! I just finished her newest book Fateful and loved it! Check out my review. She also had the longest signing line. She does have the most books after all.

Anna was awesome. She's someone I can see being everyone's best friend. When I went to go get my books signed, I told her who I was and that she was doing an interview on my blog. Which she claims she remembers... I'm still a bit suspicious. But she was one of my favorites.

Amy Garvey was great. I loved all of her answers to our crazy questions, and she even thanked me for coming to the event when she signed my ARC of her book :)

I had to wait until the end to get a picture with all of them, but it was totally worth it. Loved these guys! Oh, and they gave out chocolate to the people that asked questions (and anyone that got their books signed) so that was delicious and very practical. For how long it took me to get there, I needed me some Hershey's chocolate! I've never hated LA traffic so much. Take a look at their lovely signatures!

Since I had already gotten everything else Kiersten White has written signed the last time I saw her, I had her sign her story in Dear Bully. I was glad I had something for her to sign; I felt bad.

Next week, same day, same time, I'm going to a signing for Maggie Stiefvater, so I'm really excited for that!


  1. You're just a book signing fiend! I'm so jealous that so much cool stuff is going on around you! BOO YOU! :) JK. I'm glad you're having fun! I'm jealous you got to meet Claudia Gray, I loved Fateful!

  2. I'm a signings whore... there's a difference! If it makes you feel any better, traffic was killer and I wanted to send everyone and their cars to Africa. If only I possessed such powers


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