Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scott Westerfeld signing recap

Let me just say now that Scott Westerfeld is officially my favorite event author so far. He's hilarious and he brought a slideshow... a frickin' SLIDESHOW!! It was the greatest author event I've ever had the pleasure of attending. And the venue was small, so it was nice not being crowded like I was for the Cassandra Clare and Holly Black signing. I didn't even take a still shot of him with my camera because this man cannot be contained in a photograph. He actually talked about how the invention of the camera cut out the need for artistry in novels and it's slowly coming back through fan art. He also explained how the drawings in the Leviathan trilogy actually affected how he wrote the book. Some heavy stuff. Just check out the video:

See what I mean?? The main is a genius and a comedian on top of it. I have a couple more videos but my internet does not like me right now, so this will have to suffice. I cannot express how happy I am that I went to this signing. Also, I didn't know he was Australian, so while he signed my books we talked a little bit about his home country. Surprisingly there were some people even more excited to meet him than me, like he's their favorite author. I must have been that annoying when I met Cassie Clare!

And he thanked me for coming early when he signed Leviathan, because he thought it was going to be "one of those signings" where no one shows up. That was not a problem here.

As a reminder, on Wednesday I'll be going back to the same location for a Michael Grant signing. To be honest, nothing will live up to this one, but I hope Grant gives it a fighting try.


  1. I am seriously PO'd that I had class tonight and couldn't get to his signing... UGH. He's literally like, my favorite YA author. EVER. Jealouss!

  2. I'm sorry that sucks!! :( I'll try and get the other three videos I took downloaded to YouTube and edit them into this post so that you can at least get some of the experience :)


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