Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In My Mailbox (6)

In My Mailbox is a meme posted by Kristi over at The Story Siren, where you create a post of the books you either received in the mail, bought at a bookstore, or borrowed from the library. If you'd like to know my thoughts about IMM, check out the link near the top of my blog called In My Mailbox. Simple, right? Anyway, onto the books!

NOTE: If you're unfamiliar with how I do things with my IMM, I basically give a little back story to the books I have pictured. Also, if there are ARC's, I'll give a synopsis and date published.

I have gotten so many books these past couple weeks with Borders being in their final days, that I've had to split up all the books I've bought into nearly equal amounts of IMM's that will last me a literally a month and a half. But it seems only fair that every book get enough face time, and if I lump them all together, I get the feeling you'll be very bored.

~Pretty Little Devils by Nancy Holder: This was in the bargain section of Borders, and it surprised me because I had no idea Holder has written so many books. It'll be interesting to see if it's any good.

~Devoured by Amanda Marrone: You know I can't pass up a beautiful cover, and wow is this one provocative, and so is the title.

~Sweep by Cate Tiernan: This is the 3rd collection of her Sweep series. Luckily I have the first two, so we're good to go!

~Waiting For You by Susane Colasanti: I've heard great things about this author, so I'm interested to find out how good her books really are. I felt bad, because there were like 10 or so copies of her newish novel, Something Like Fate, on the last day the Borders nearest me was open. I'll be posting that in another IMM.

~Starlighter by Bryan Davis: In my last IMM, I mentioned getting the third book in this series (Diviner) in netgalley, which is why I decided to pick this one up. I gotta start somewhere!

~All You Desire by Kirsten Miller: I definitely love the new covers compared to the old ones. This series looks pretty interesting.

Tune in next week for In My Mailbox (7)! And don't forget to check out the swag giveaway that's going on until the end of October (to which I'm possibly adding even more goodies). Also don't forget about the Bright, Young, & Luxe Giveaway Hop which ends September 20th, where I'm giving away a copy of The Luxe by Anna Godberson.


  1. Great haul this week! The silver lining to the cloud that Borders is closing is that there's so many books with such insane sales!

    Happy reading!

    Michele | my IMM

  2. These books look really good. I have The Eternal Ones waiting on my shelf and I hope that I'll like it. I also think that the new covers are a lot prettier. :)
    Enjoy your new books!

    Have a lovely week,
    Carina @ Fictional Distraction

    P.s.: Lovely blog - I'm a new follower. :)

  3. Michelle, it's such a small silver lining though :( But I've gotten so many books for such a low price that it's really hard to complain.

    Carina, I hated the old cover so I'm glad they changed it, but I still have the old cover of The Eternal Ones so I'll just have to live with it lol and thanks for saying my blog is lovely, yours is too :)


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