Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Soul Screamer's Omnibus

It was announced yesterday on Rachel Vincent's website that the first two Soul Screamers novels and a Soul Screamers novella (for the first time in print) will be released in November! This is one of my favorite series, and with this cover I'm almost temped to buy it. I am such a cover whore. Here's what Rachel says about the collection on her website:

Volume One will be available Nov 22, and is your first and only chance to get the prequel novella “My Soul To Lose” in print. Haven’t started the series yet? This is your chance to get three stories for the price of one. (It’s $8.99 at Amazon, even less at B&N and BAM.) Already a Soul Screamers reader? Here’s your chance to pass your copies of My Soul To Take and My Soul To Save to a new reader (or library!) and get this gorgeous new cover (and print version of the novella) for yourself.

She's really trying to sell it to us, isn't she? Now all I need is for her to come out to Southern California again, and have her sign the rest of my books!

And before this omnibus shows its beautiful face in stores in November, the newest Soul Screamers novel, If I Die, will be hitting the shelves on September 27th!! It still seems too far away! Again for your viewing pleasure:

*sob* Just gorgeous!


  1. i really need to start this series. looks awesome :)

    i hope you can stop by and check out our blog.


  2. I agree those covers are beautiful! I haven't read this series but I really want to!

    New follower here

    Suzanne @ Under the Covers

  3. Very nice. Heard good things about the If I Die Series.

    new follower.

    Our IMM

  4. I haven't started this series, yet! The covers look amazing. (and I'm shallow enough that this does matter)

    Please check out my IMM post

  5. I recently received My Soul to Take in my RAK. I can't wait to read it(:
    Awesome books this week, enjoy!


  6. This series is amazing, you all should definitely start it. I was a little timid to start it, but it's one of my favorite YA series now!


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