Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The pressures of being a new book blogger

Man, am I feeling the pressure! I shouldn't and I know this, but being a new book blogger has taken its toll. Here's my problem: who should I please? Reading certain, select books really helps with my writing, significantly. And I'm really gunning to finish my own personal edits of my manuscript soon before I start searching for an agent. But what about the publishers that have sent me ARC's by my request or the publishers on netGalley that have approved my requests for e-ARC's? Is one or the other more important? And then there's my followers. I love and appreciate every single one of you, and I can't fall behind and lose your interest. When I take vacations, I have to see if there's wifi in the area, and if there isn't I feel guilty. If the summer lasted forever, I wouldn't be having this post. But, alas, nothing lasts forever.

So, to fix this, I'm going to warn you now that, because school is starting, I am physically incapable of posting as much as I have. If I could, I would make book blogging my job. But college calls, my nearly-finished novel calls, my friends call, and especially my boyfriend calls. The good news though is that because I've been posting every day, I'll likely post every other day, or on a bad week only a couple times. School also gives me less time to read, and I'm running out of good reviews on my Goodreads. I will try my best to post as often as all of this mayhem lets me, and hopefully it's enough!

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  1. Aw, saw this via LinkWithin. I understand what you mean perfectly... I'm struggling with this, and I'm not writing, I just have work. Trying to find a balance between what I want to read, what I think people will be interested in hearing about, and what's available is hard... and how much time to spend replying to things, commenting on other blogs, etc. I hope this calmed down and you got to a happy place :)


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