Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kiersten White + Andrea Cremer + Stephanie Perkins signing in Oceanside recap

Signing with three of the coolest and cutest YA authors out there!

A couple days ago, I had the amazing honor of attending Kiersten White’s launch party for her new release Supernaturally at the Barnes & Noble in Oceanside, CA. Along with her were Andrea Cremer, who also had her book Wolfsbane released that day, and Stephanie Perkins, who we're all waiting for to come out with her newest book Lola and the Boy Next Door. They all read passages from their books. Kiersten read a part from Supernaturally that involved an ugly unicorn. As always, she was hilarious, and the word bleep was involved in the passage. Andrea Cremer read a section around the middle of her book with Calla and Shay involving her indecision with just about everything. Stephanie Perkins read from Anna and the French Kiss, the part where St. Clair touches her leg in the movie theater… there were audible sighs people. Literally no one talked or took pictures. It was beautiful.

After that, they opened it up to questions, and there was a character question, another about publishing. There was one where I’m not sure what the question was, but Stephanie mentioned the fact that Andrea has a PHD, and Stephanie said all she thinks about is “I love boys.” Maybe you had to be there. But I remember the last question the most, where someone asked about the author’s own awkward relationships since they write about so many of them. Kiersten declined, asking if we had a couple of days. Andrea explains hers below, as well as Stephanie. It was priceless. Hopefully the video works on this thing! And by the way, I sincerely apologize for my hideous geeky goat-like laugh. I really REALLY need to work on that. Hopefully it won't interfere with your enjoyment :)


And what’s a launch party without chocolate? At least that’s what I thought to myself when Kiersten pulled three huge chunks of chocolaty goodness out of her magical bag of tricks. You should have heard the “oo’s” and “aah’s” from every woman enclosed in that tiny space of a ten-by-ten square. Too bad I was never in contention. The first gigantic bar went to the person who had traveled to the longest to get to the signing, and it turned out to be a girl from New York! I hope for her sanity that the signing wasn’t the sole reason for being there. The second one went to someone who had read the books the most. Kiersten kept going up in the numbers and this one girl never put her hand down; her answer was that she’s an avid reader… Me thinks that’s a bit of an understatement. Then we all waited in line to get books signed. Let’s just say I had #84 out of 112, but I finally got it all signed. And I have a surprise for you guys once I get either 50 or 100 followers. So if you want to see what it is, please get the word out! I must say it's pretty awesome.

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