Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter day!!!!!

How could I not write a post about the finale of the Harry Potter cinematic franchise?

As if I'm not enough of a dork, I went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando for spring break this year, and let me just say it was ridiculous. The area inside the park for Harry Potter was blocked off and you had to get a time card to go inside for a certain time, which was usually 2 hours after the time you got the card. The first ride - Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey - had the longest line I've ever waited in. And I'm a theme park connoisseur! Totally worth it though; they really worked hard on getting everything right in the castle, and once you got inside out of the humidity into the air-conditioned castle, you got excited again. The Dragon Challenge was pretty awesome too and like a 5-minute line. I think I would have gone stir-crazy if I had had to wait for that one too. I wanted to go shopping as well, but it was so crowded in there I could barely breathe fresh air. So I got my Butterbeer (which was absolutely delicious!) and vowed to return. I saw the rest of the park, came back, and hit the shops. That's when I found out the shops had lines too.

Honeydukes and Zonko's were part of the same shop (this one had a short line when I went in), and I only got a chocolate frog over there. It was surprisingly solid milk chocolate and pretty delicious. The card was Helga Hufflepuff. Sadly, someone threw it away when I left it in the fridge, so I'm making them buy me a new one from the online store as they'll hopefully have them. Even The Three Broomsticks had a line to get inside, so I didn't go in, but from what I could see from the outside it was a normal restaurant with delicious BBQ chicken and corn. Then, finally, there was Ollivander's. Ollivander's was by far the best store. There were two lines, the main one being where when you go in, you get to witness a wand-choosing. The old man picked a couple kids and did this whole little presentation. The store had its own "creations" of wands, which I have to admit were pretty cool. But I had my mind set on Hermione's wand. I believe that needs no explanation. I also got a Triwizard Cup in there, which glows! Wow, I'm such a nerd. Anyway, there was also a store that you exited through after Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey where I got most of my stuff: a Ministry of Magic t-shirt, a Gryffindor coffee mug (came with me almost every day to school), and a Marauder's Map. Sigh, if only it actually were magical.